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Is Vaping Better for the Environment than Smoking?

There has been a lot of talk around vaping and how it is more beneficial for your health than smoking. This is certainly true and one of the reasons so many people are switching to vaping. Many people now are also beginning to think about the positive benefits of vaping in relation to the environment. But is vaping really better for our planet than smoking? The simple answer is yes. Vaping really is better for the world we live in than smoking cigarettes. But why is this?


Cuts back on cigarette butts

When you vape, you do not leave behind cigarette butts. This is a major plus for keeping our planet healthier. Cigarette butts take around 10 years to break down as they are almost non-biodegradable. With the normal smoker discarding thousands every year, you can see what a problem this amount lying around causes for the environment. With vaping, this is not an issue.


Vaping does not add to excessive deforestation

You may not realise it but it takes 1 whole tree to produce 15 packets of cigarettes! This means that smoking is directly responsible for much of the deforestation we see around the world. As trees make oxygen, the rate they are being cut down is a real problem. Vaping as an industry does not add to excessive deforestation in this way, which makes it a much better choice.


Vaping can help tackle climate change

CO2 is a major problem for our planet in terms of climate change. Smokers breathe out masses of CO2 into the atmosphere as a result of smoking cigarettes. When you also think that lots of carbon dioxide is produced when cigarettes are manufactured, the seriousness of this situation grows further. Changing to vaping rather than smoking can help our planet by reducing the amount of CO2 in the air. There is a whole range of other pollutants in cigarettes which are bad for the Earth too. 5,000 in just 1 cigarette to be exact! These also get churned out into the air when you smoke - needless to say, this is not good for the environment. Vaping does not release this huge wave of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere however and is therefore much better for our planet. Read this article to find out what measures SMOKO is taking to offset their carbon footprint.


Vaping is a better choice

As the above shows, there are a number of reasons why vaping is better for the environment than smoking. If you want to make a difference to how healthy our planet stays in the future, why not think about making the switch to vaping today? Whether you pick up an e-cig starter kit or find the best electronic cigarette deals online, it has never been easier.

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