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Here at SMOKO E-Cigarettes, we work very hard to ensure we provide the highest quality products with the best customer service we can. Over the last 10+ years, we have prevented over 600 MILLION cigarettes being smoked and our customers have saved £320 MILLION+ of their hard-earned money from going up in smoke.

Along the way, many of our customers from across the UK and from around the world have sent us their feedback and told us their stories about the positive impact that SMOKO has had on their lives. And we wanted to share some of those with you.

Below are some of the stories and reviews from our valued customers from Google and other review sites that will hopefully help you make the same incredible decision as they have - switching from cigarettes to SMOKO - The UK’s Premium Electronic Cigarette.

  • Valerie, London, UK

    "I'm 71 and have been smoking 20 cigarettes a day since I was 14. I have now stopped for 8 months! SMOKO E-Cigs are brilliant!, You still get the nicotine hit without all the nasty stuff and I feel so much better."

  • Babs, Shrewsbury, UK

    "I couldn’t of managed given up the smokes without the help of these amazing vapes l will always be thankful."

  • Elaine, Forest Row, UK

    "I have smoked for over 30 years and have tried patches, Champix and various other methods without success. This really works, I used to smoke 40 cigs a day, now I smoke 5 a day at most, hoping to stop altogether in the next few weeks. Would highly recommend this product."

  • Tracey, Chesham, UK

    "SMOKO E-Cigarettes has helped me to stop smoking after 45 years at 40 a day. Their customer service is excellent, delivery dependable and would recommend SMOKO to everyone."

  • Jeff, Stone, UK

    "I never thought that after smoking 25 a day for over 50 years that I would ever stop using cigarettes, however I recently moved into a flat where they don’t stop you smoking, but in their words, “it would be nice f you tried to stop.” I made a concerted effort and after 2 or 3 different types I discovered SMOKO. I am really happy with the compact menthol and mint flavours and up to date I have been cigarette free for 30 days. I feel better in myself and mad that it had taken so long to get me off cigarettes. Thank you SMOKO and you have one satisfied customer!"

  • Wayne, Liverpool, UK

    "I’ve been a smoker for 32 years and tried to give it up many times without success. After finding SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes, it really is the best alternative available!"

  • Eric, Dalkeith, Scotland

    "Excellent product . Has saved me a fortune.. also I like that the vape oil is Made in the UK. So no need to worry if your getting the right gear."

  • Julie, Ashley, UK

    "I have smoked for 40 years and started the e cig 3 weeks ago. I have not wanted a real cigarette since. I am enjoying using the e cig and hopefully will continue. I feel more clean and healthy. I bought 2 so I could charge one whilst using the other and this is working well. My husband has also done 3 weeks too. It is definitely going to save us aot of money. Thanks SMOKO."

  • Lesley, Taunton, UK

    "I was suprised at the similarities between e-cigarettes and the real thing. An excellent product, highly rated."

  • Evner, London, UK

    "Number one vape in the UK defo! helps since I got my hands on the e-cig kit I haven't had a cigarette it’s been over a month now I’m cigarette free!  With the way it’s going for me I don’t see my self going back to cigarettes 100%"

  • Margaret, Edinburgh

    "Very impressed with this company. The staff on the phones are extremely polite and helpful and the deliveries arrive promptly"

  • Shirley, Bedworth, UK

    "I have been using this company and their products for 8 or more years. Both are excellent and deserve 5 STARS."

  • Emily, Mayfield, East Sussex

    I’ve been using the 10ml CBD tinctures and CBD Gummy Bears now for 2 months and what a significant difference it’s made to my life. Since using this product I have come off all my prescription pain killers for my back pain. I’m sure anybody who suffers with chronic pain can relate to the relief when you’re pain free. I HIGHLY recommend this CBD Oil.

    Secondly, the team at SMOKO go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service and really look after their customers. Thank you so much for your help, friendly faces, fantastic service and amazing products.

  • Tim, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

    "After 57 years smoking i found SMOKO and haven't even felt like smoking a cigarette for the last two weeks now. If you want to kick the habit this certainly takes the pain out of it. Also a service provided by people that care 100%"

  • Kevin, Sevenoaks, Kent

    "Great peace of kit... E cig are good I find the vapes the best, great flavour and from 20 a day one pod lasts near a couple of days,, closest vape you will find to smoking... No notion of a cigarette after using these.... Have tried many vapes but these are best by far... "

  • Melanie, Surrey, UK

    "Great product. I am just coming up to 8 years of quitting smoking. The SMOKO vape products are outstanding (I tried several other brands). I use a variety of mint breeze, original and rolling to tobacco. The customer services team are second to none and delivery is excellent. Great job SMOKO!!"

  • Gary, London, UK

    "The SMOKO Vape Pod has helped me so much"

  • Donna, Wallasey, UK

    "Amazing product. It’s 12 months and I haven’t had a cigarette. I love this product."

  • Sheena, Altrincham, UK

    "I quit smoking cigarettes about 6 years ago and have never smoked since. One of the best things about SMOKO is their service, they are local to me, so I can collect if I need to, but their delivery service is exceptional and the rewards and weekly deals really worth it. If any problems, they are always at the end of a phone or email to sort. Great variety of flavours and strengths. Would highly recommend"

  • Richard, High Wycombe, UK

    "Excellent product with superb device. I could not have quit smoking without them!"

  • Avril, Milton Keynes, UK

    "These are brilliantly I have tried many types of vapes and always struggled with them being to harsh on my throat when in haling I find the e-cigarettes just right and because they are like the real thing have found it much easier to use I started with these three weeks ago and haven’t had a real one since I’m so happy they have truly helped me stop smoking would recommend to anyone who wants to stop and succeed. Love them and have told friends and family to give them a try."

  • Patricia, Romford, Essex

    "I have been smoking smoko now for about eight years, these were such a blessing to me and actually my family, my sister in law suffered a heart attack, and my sister was diagnosed with COPD which is a lack of oxygen, both were heavy smokers like me, now we are all on smoko, I didn't want to give up entirely and neither did they. I bought mine years ago and I managed to encourage them to do so also. We all feel so much better smoking them, unlike real cigarettes they only have a few ingredients which are not harmful like real cigs. Also delivery is fantastic, so you don't have long to wait if you accidentally run out. Keep up the great work smoko and don't change a thing."

  • George, Worthing, UK

    "I had smoked for 55 years and since I started with SMOKO, I have not touched a cigarette nor have i even had the urge to take a cigarette  This is from someone who enjoyed smoking but due to health reason had to stop, but I didn't have very much will-power but with SMOKO you don't even need will-power. Give it a go and see how easy these are ."

  • Angela, Aberdeen, Scotland

    "I couldn't recommend SMOKO highly enough. Stopped smoking cigarettes on the first attempt almost 2 years ago thanks 100% to using E-cigs instead. I highly recommend SMOKO for not only their product range and product choice, but also their fantastic customer service and professionalism."


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