Smoking vs vaping: what's more expensive?

If you're starting to wince every time you buy a pack of cigarettes, or are trying to balance your budget and the cost of smoking keeps putting you into the red, then perhaps now is the right time to quit the habit for good.


With the cost of one pack of 20 cigarettes averaging over £10, and at the very least £9, you probably recognise that smoking 20 a day reduces your weekly available disposable income by around £70.


Health costs of your smoking habit

But before we talk about the monetary costs of smoking we have to talk about the health costs. Smoking is called the no.1 preventable killer in the world for a reason and claims over 7 millions deaths a year directly related to smoking.


And even from a monetary view, being sick is costly. Smokers on average take an average of 8 extra days off work a year, and if you are self-employed or don't have that many sick days then the money you would have earned if you were a non-smoker has been taken away from you.


And that is the positive view. The above point is assuming that the illness you get isn't serious. If disaster strikes and you do come down with heart issues (which is twice as likely as a smoker), a stroke (which is 6 times more likely if you are a smoker) or cancer you will be off work forever.


The good news is that there is another way, by making the switch to SMOKO e-cigarettes. By moving to E-cigarettes you are still getting the nicotine your body craves, but without the 4000+ chemicals and 50+ carcinogens that cause the issues we mentioned plus much more. E-cigarettes also taste and feel like a cigarette, and even offer the same throat hit as cigarette! The only thing you lose by making the switch is the likelihood of falling ill.


In fact by just making the switch you are moving to an alternative which, according to the NHS, is at least 95% less harmful than cigarettes.


Your health and wellbeing are precious, it's a bit cheesy to say but without your health you really have nothing and there is no point to in any money saved if you can't enjoy it.


Costs of your ongoing vaping habit 

Making the switch from smoking to vaping is the best way to quit smoking for good, with studies showing that E-cigarettes are almost twice as effective as any other method for helping you finally get off cigarettes.


And even better, ongoing vape costs are far lower. To illustrate this lets use a hypothetical smoker called Jack. At the moment Jack smokes 20 cigarettes a day, which is costing him £10 a day (as that's the average amount for a pack of cigarettes). If Jack switched to SMOKO he would use 1 refill a day, as one refill has about 30 cigarettes worth of nicotine in. It would probably be less but to make the comparison easier lets says he goes through 1 whole refill.


At SMOKO we sell boxes of e- cigarette refills for a maximum of £9.99, and each box has 5 refills in. That means that 1 refill costs a maximum of £2. 


On the first day of making the switch to SMOKO Jack will save £8. In just a month he will save £248, and in 1 year he will save £2,920!


And we have just been talking about the maximum price for SMOKO, we actually offer automatic multi-buy discounts dropping the price to £8.75 per box if you buy 20 or more. Even better we also offer weekly deals so you can get your refills at an even better price.


Make the switch to vaping and watch the £££££ mount!

If you are are a careful shopper though you might have looked around a bit for vape starter kits, and been put off by the prices for starting. For many brands and styles of e-cigarettes they make their money through the hardware, and a simple starter kit, without any refills, can cost up to £50! 


SMOKO though offers everything you need to start for just £9.99, and that includes 2 refills for you to use. That is 60 cigarettes worth of nicotine plus a battery and a USB charger for the same price as 1 pack of cigarettes.


You can buy SMOKO from our shop, but if you are a bit too far away you can buy an e-cig starter kit or vape starter kit and even receive next day delivery!


Benefits of making the switch to vaping

But it's not just your health and your wallet which improve when you make the switch to e cigarettes, you also get benefits too.


A great example of this is if you smoke menthol cigarettes. Due to new laws you won't be able to buy any Menthol flavoured cigarettes or tobacco products from 20 May 2020. Like all other flavoured cigarettes and tobacco Menthol has been banned from sale, and soon will disappear from the UK.


The good news is that Menthol flavoured E-cigarettes will not be banned, so you can still get your Menthol flavour, but now in a 95% less harmful way.


The vapour from e-cigarettes is also another benefit as there are "no identified health risks of passive vaping", as says the NHS. That means that, unlike cigarettes, there is no danger of hurting other people with your habit. E-cig vapour also doesn't smell either, so no more smelling of stale smoke.


Lastly a nice little plus is the range of flavours you can get your nicotine in. We always suggest starting on a tobacco flavour so you can get used to e-cigarettes, but once you are comfortable with it you can begin to explore. If you want to stay with tobacco that is great, but if you want to branch out and try other flavours you can too. With SMOKO you are no longer tied to one flavour, you can try one of our many flavours and still get that great throat hit!

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