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New to vaping? Our beginner's guide to e-cigarettes

On average in the UK, 400,000 people quit smoking per year, working out at over 1,000 people per day. For many, switching to e-cigarettes makes that step much more bearable, but it can still be difficult to swap traditional cigarettes for the electric kind. That's why here at Smoko, we've compiled a useful guide to help make that jump easier and to ensure you're ready to begin your e-cigarette experience.

1. How will I feel initially?

If you're used to smoking regular cigarettes, it will naturally feel very different to begin with. You may notice you cough more regularly at the start, which is normal because vape smoke is thicker than regular nicotine smoke. But don't let that put you off!

For the first few days/weeks, your mouth may feel a little dry, this is because one of the main ingredients in e-cigarettes is hygroscopic, which extracts water from your mouth, nose, and eyes. All this means is you simply need to stay more hydrated.

2. Do I inhale in the same way?

No! One of the most common mistakes people make when they begin their journey with vaping is that they inhale like they would a normal cigarette. When you smoke a traditional cigarette, the more you inhale, the more smoke you get, but this isn't the case with a vape. The machine needs time to produce the vapour, so instead, you just simply need to take longer and slower puffs.

3. There are so many e-liquids, how do I know which one to choose?

There's a lot of new information and decisions to make now you've decided to switch to vaping. When it comes to e-liquids, there are essentially two different things you need to decide: firstly, what flavour you want and also, the level of nicotine you want to be inhaling. Flavour is down to personal preference, so we regretfully can't help you there, but what we can suggest is how much nicotine you should be having in your e-cigs.

Generally, if you were smoking up to 5 cigarettes a day, you should be looking at getting the 0.6% strength. If it was between 5-15 a day, then 1.0%; 15-20 a day then 1.4%; and more than 20, 1.8% of nicotine.

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