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Vape Flavours Inspired By Nature


Vape flavours inspired by nature


One of the advantages of vaping is the opportunity to try new flavours.


Most smokers start with a tobacco flavour when they first move to e-cigarettes, and here at SMOKO we recommend that. After all for many smokers they have been tasting tobacco for 20+ years when the got their nicotine, which can be a hard habit to break. 


However after you have gotten used to vaping, why not opt for a new taste and try something different?


When using a cigarette style vape, naturally inspired vape refills can certainly jazz up your day, adding a new dimension to your vaping experience.

What are the best vape flavours inspired by nature?


The vanilla orchid originates from southeast Mexico and Guatemala. A delectable, sweet, and tantalising smell, its aroma awakens the senses. It is the original sweet flavour which can be found in almost every food, and for good reason.


Vanilla flavoured vape refills can really sweeten up your day, adding an element of calm amid the stress and bustle of everyday life. Indeed, vanilla is widely used in aromatherapy as a calming, richly scented oil, so this flavour in your cigarette-style vape would definitely add some relaxing vibes to your schedule. 



Mint is derived from herbaceous plants that come from Europe, Asia and Africa. It's a reviving, cooling, therapeutic taste and smell awakens the mind and rejuvenates the spirit.


Vape refills featuring mint flavouring could give you that much-needed boost to get going, its taste enlivening the senses and awakening the mind. We have added a mint taste to a few of our flavours, but if you want the full experience we have Mint Breeze, which not only comes in a variety of strengths so that everyone can enjoy it, but is loved by Menthol smokers and anyone who like the refreshing taste of mint. 


The blackcurrant, also known as the cassis, is a woody shrub renowned for its uniquely delicious berries. It is grown in temperate parts of central Europe. With its sharp, fruity and enlivening taste, blackcurrant vape refills add a new dimension to your vaping experience, providing a new taste experience.

It's not too sweet, so even those who dislike the sweeter things in life can enjoy it and can be used as a nice change of pace from either a sweet flavour or a move savoury taste like the tobacco.


Roasted coffee beans are seeds of berries from certain coffee species, making coffee a naturally derived (and thoroughly delicious) product that is rich and deep in flavour. Vape refills with a coffee favouring can enhance your vaping time by providing that uniquely delicious coffee taste to keep you alert and focused.


They can be perfect for the first Vape in the morning to a late night pleasure, giving the great taste of coffee without the caffeine.

Exploring new, exciting, naturally inspired vape refills is a fantastic way of trying new flavours and enriching the senses. As well as saving money and improving your health by switching to a cigarette style vape, you can also expand your horizons by trying these sumptuous flavours inspired by natural products.

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