Why SMOKO is Different From Other E-Cigarettes

The market has been swept by the e-cigarette phenomenon, with hordes of brands jumping on-board the bandwagon. Yet with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which products are good, and which fail to measure up.


As one of the UK’s favourite e-Cigarette brands, SMOKO is a savvy choice for anyone making the switch. At SMOKO we do things differently…


A Commitment To Quality Ingredients


Unlike other E-Cig brands sold in the UK today, SMOKO sources only the highest quality ingredients. After all, vapour is going into your lungs which means that healthy, non-toxic ingredients are an absolute must.


Every ingredient that goes into SMOKO e-liquid is of pharmaceutical-grade quality and sourced from within the UK.

A Cheaper Alternative

Smoking is expensive, and getting more expensive every year! When making the switch to SMOKO, people enjoy savings of up to 70% of the normal price of smoking. Almost all e-cigarette brands are cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes, however not all offer such enormous savings.


A myriad of flavours


Some companies only offer one or two different e-liquid flavours. In comparison, SMOKO sells a kaleidoscope of flavours. As well as all the classic tobacco flavours, buyers can also choose from unique creations such as Coffee, Apple, Absinthe and Energy (that tastes like energy drinks!)


Made in the UK


The reality is that the majority of electronic cigarette brands manufacture their e-liquids, nicotine and flavours in China. This is a cheaper option, yet it does compromise quality.


SMOKO mixes and manufactures all of its e-liquids in the UK, which gives customers the total peace of mind that they’re purchasing a quality British product.


The Brand


While most e-cigarette brands are driven entirely by profits SMOKO is underpinned by a desire to offer people a healthy alternative that encompasses all the things they love about smoking.


From the sensation and the taste to the nicotine kick and the social aspect, SMOKO is passionate about creating an all-encompassing experience for their customers.


Earn Rewards


Not many E-Cig brands offer customers the chance to earn rewards as they vape! With SMOKO, customers can rack up points every time they order products, refer friends, sign up for the newsletter, review products or share Facebook posts.


FREE Delivery


Why pay more for delivery when SMOKO offers FREE P&P on all UK orders over £40? International customers also enjoy free shipping on any order over £100. Plus, any orders placed by 3pm GMT (Mon - Fri) are dispatched on the same day. This means customers can get their hands on SMOKO refills and e-liquids ASAP.


We are so sure you will love SMOKO, you can try a SMOKO E-Cigarette Starter Kit for just £9.99! Click here to find out more.


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