Banning E-Cigarettes Will Drive People Back To Smoking

A new study has found that many people who vape would turn back to cigarettes if e-cigarettes were banned.


The study, which was conducted at the US Duke University asked current users of e-cigarettes what they would do if they couldn't get their favourite e-cig anymore.


The research started because the FDA (the USA's Food, Drug and Alcohol regulators) have started looking into e-cigarettes and maybe cracking down on them, or even banning e-cigarettes completely.


Pushing People Back to Smoking

The study, though small with only 240 people in it, did highlight the problem with banning e-cigarettes as it would push people back into smoking. 


The researchers asked a few different questions and found that the loss of nicotine would be the biggest factor in sending people back to smoking, with almost 50% saying if e-cigarettes had no nicotine then they would go back to cigarettes.


This makes sense, after all e-cigarettes are designed to be an alternative to smoking, giving you the nicotine you crave without the 4000 chemicals that cigarettes contain.


To put into perspective how bad this could be E-Cigarettes have been shown to be the most effective nicotine replacement system beating out patches, gum and every other nicotine product that you can think of. Not only do electronic cigarettes give you the nicotine you need but they create a realistic smoking sensation almost identical to a real cigarette. This helps with the chemical addiction but the phycological addiction as well.


That means if e-cigarettes were stripped of their nicotine one of the most effective ways for people to stop smoking would be taken away.


In terms of numbers, if the study was correct and the nicotine was taken out of e-cigarettes 5 million out of the 10.8 million US e-cigarette users would go back to cigarettes.


This disastrous scenario would mean over 5 million e-cigarette users would be consuming the 4000 chemicals and the 50 known carcinogens in cigarettes.

Hurting Not Just The Health Of The Nation

This would have a huge impact on the health of the nation, but it would also be hurting the economy as well.


By forcing people back into smoking the FDA would taking away the monetary advantage of e-cigarettes away from these 5 million people, as e-cigarettes are normally 80% cheaper than cigarettes.


As an example, if a smoker was smoking a pack a day they would normally be using 1 SMOKO e cigarette refill a day. A refill costs £2, while a pack of cigarettes is at least £10 a box. Over a week an e-cig user will save £56 and over a year that is a saving of £2,920!


If the FDA did decide to ban nicotine in e-cigarettes, all that money goes back into the pocket of the tobacco industry rather than staying with the individual, which any way you look at it doesn’t seem like a good idea.


E-Cigarettes Without Nicotine

Without the nicotine many smokers and e-cig users need, there wouldn't be much point to using an e-cigarette. Here at SMOKO we do offer a 0% nicotine version, but we only suggest that people use that after they have worked their way down the nicotine strengths, not go cold turkey like banning nicotine would do.


Using a 0% nicotine electronic cigarette is usually the final stage of quitting for those who have worked themselves away from nicotine gradually and are looking for something that satisfies the psychological urge. It can still be useful but for smokers who want to make the switch to e-cigarettes we would always suggest starting with nicotine.


Another finding the study showed was how few people would go back to cigarettes if there were no flavours other than tobacco. Only 17% of people said that if e-cigarette flavours were banned, they would move back to cigarettes. What this seems to mean is that for many e-cigarette users the flavours are a novelty, but the tobacco flavours are the main draw of e-cigarettes, not the wide variety of flavours. This makes sense as most people who are vaping are trying to move from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.


That’s not say flavours can’t be useful, for some it can be the final move away from cigarettes when people move to a cherry or absinthe flavour, but they are not vital. The vast majority (99%) of people in the UK at least are using the e-cigarette to try to quit smoking. Moving to a tobacco flavour is helpful for them as it makes the experience feel more real.


Why The FDA Is Doing This

You might wonder that if almost all the people who are using e-cigarettes are smokers trying to quit, e-cigarettes has been shown to be the most effective way to get off cigarettes and they are much cheaper than cigarettes, why would the FDA in America be thinking of banning e-cigarettes? 


That's because in the USA they are having a real issue with those underage consumers who have taken up vaping.  This epidemic of teen e-cig usage has produced a lot of negative press and has led for calls to ban the e-cig completely.


We have highlighted these issues before in US and it comes to down to insufficient laws on the permissible levels of nicotine and restrictions on the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. One of the biggest e-cigarette companies over in the USA has come under fire for their use of social media and advertisements targeting teens coupled with ultra-high strength nicotine products (2.5 times more nicotine than legally allowed in the EU and the UK). These vaping devices have become the most confiscated item in US high schools.   


However, the same can’t be said of the UK or EU. Laws and regulations regarding the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and limiting the amount of nicotine permitted in all e-liquids and e cigarette refills came into effect across the EU and the UK in May 2016.  These regulations have resulted in a very small % of underage use (in the UK only 0.2% of under 18’s started on e-cigarettes without already being smokers) compared to 21% in the US who have vaped in the last 30 days. 


With the proper laws and regulations, it has been proven that e-cigarettes are an effective alternative to cigarettes as over 3 million ex-smokers have switched to e-cigarettes in the UK.


So if you are a smoker and want to make the switch to e-cigarettes, then why not try SMOKO today? Not only can you save thousands of pounds every year but you can use something that gives you the a similar smoking sensation as a cigarette without the carcinogens! And as an added bonus, there is no second hand smoke in SMOKO, so those around you don’t have to breathe in those carcinogens either.


And you can try an e-cigarette  starter kit for free. Just pay the £4.99 postage and packaging and see if you can go smoke free!

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