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Press Release: Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits Help Thousands Stop Smoking During Covid-19


 UK vaping company, SMOKO, has revealed that thousands of people have switched to electronic cigarettes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company, which has developed both a cigarette-style e-cigarette and a classic vape product, has seen sales of the former skyrocket by an incredible 140% since UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the UK's first national lockdown back in March.

SMOKO's own new customer research reveals that COVID-19 is the reason behind the switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes for many of these customers. In late May, the UK government published official guidance that warned that smokers have an increased risk of contracting respiratory infections and that COVID-19 symptoms could, therefore, be more significant in smokers. The same guidance confirmed that switching to e-cigarettes can be an effective aid to quitting smoking, and to staying smoke-free.

Smoking tobacco not only causes damage to the lungs and airways but also compromises the immune system, meaning that the body has to work harder to fight off infection. With the government advising that individuals do everything they can to boost their immune system - especially over the difficult winter period - it is unsurprising that many are looking for ways to cut down or stop smoking altogether.

Recognising that there is a confusing amount of choice out there for those looking to switch from tobacco to vaping, SMOKO have kept things simple. Offering a premium product at an affordable price, SMOKO has created two types of e-cigarette: a cigarette-style e-cigarette that is easy to use, small and discreet; and a classic vape that offers greater levels of power and vapour, as well as a longer-life battery. In addition, the brand offers its own, 100% UK-made e-liquid range, made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and free from dangerous chemicals like acetoin, diacetyl and pentanedione, which may be found in other e-liquids.

Company spokesperson for, Mike Cameron, says, "Since the first national UK lockdown began in March 2020, we have seen a 140% increase in the purchase of our cigalike product. And the timing is not a coincidence. In a recent survey of new customers who bought e-cig starter kits, 65% stated that their main decision to switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes was COVID-19-related".

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