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Looking to quit smoking? Living near green spaces could help

Giving up smoking is something that more and more people are looking to do now. This is because the dangers and costs involved with smoking are more of a concern to people today. It is not always easy though, which is why results from recent scientific research may help. It has found that living near green spaces could be an effective aid when trying to give up smoking.


The study makes for interesting reading

This recent research was drawn from Health Survey for England data and published in the Social Science and Medicine journal. The survey covered in excess of 8,000 adults in the UK and generated some interesting findings. Prime amongst this was that smokers are more likely to give up if they reside close to green spaces. The research also found that people who live in green neighbourhoods are not as likely to smoke.


Green spaces could make the difference

The results of the research found that 19% of those surveyed described themselves as smoking currently, while 45% confirmed they had smoked regularly at some time in their lives. Further analysis of the data collected found that those who resided in areas with lots of green spaces were 20% less inclined to smoke than those who did not. Researchers also found that, for people who had smoked previously, those who lived in greener areas were up to 12% more likely to quit successfully.


First English research into link between smoking and green spaces

This latest research is also interesting because it is the first to look into the link between green spaces and smoking in England. The lead author of the study, Leanne Martin from Plymouth University, has commented that it showed the important role natural resources play in public health in both urban and more rural areas. She also added that further work in the field to support the study's findings could lead to more natural ways for helping people quit smoking. The authors of the study have also commented that enabling greater access to green spaces should be made part of public health policies around smoking in the future.

Finding ways to quit smoking makes sense

While smoking is in decline, many people are still addicted to it. It really does make sense from a financial and health perspective to give up. As already noted though, it is not always easy if you have been smoking for a long time. Finding ways to help, such as accessing green spaces, is certainly worthwhile. Another tip many people try is switching to e-cigarettes. For more information on how this can help and where to buy e-cigs from, contact today.

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