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Smoking Tobacco is History

The dangers of cigarette smoking have been prolific in the public eye for decades and people have tried all kinds of ways to quit. However, many people couldn't put down their pack until e-cigarettes and vapes came along.

So, how did the dangers of smoking cigarettes come to be known? And just how did the preferred e-cigs emerge in the form we know them today?

1. Early smoking concerns

Back in 1798, cigarettes were accurately considered to cause incurable diseases Dr Benjamin Rush, a prominent 18th-century physician, became the first doctor to make the connection between tobacco and cancer. He observed the conditions of some of his patients and came to the conclusion that smoking was profoundly harmful to health.

By the 1920s, almost 1000 cases of lung cancer were being reported and doctors were making a strong link between cigarette smoking and this deadly disease. Even before this, for several decades, doctors had started to understand the connection between oral cancers and smoking.

2. Early attempts at vapes

Joseph Robinson could be considered to be the grandfather of vaping. He filed a patent for his electronic vape in 1927, with the idea that it would produce vapours for inhalation without burning them or the user. The concept was based on allowing people to safely ingest medicinal compounds.

He was succeeded by Herbert Gilbert in the 1960s, who came up with plans for an e-cig similar to those we see today. Sadly, his product never achieved commercial success because the world was not quite ready for it.

3. The modern vape

The world was revolutionised in 2003, when Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik invented the e-cigarette that we're familiar with today. His father had died of lung cancer and he was inspired to invent a safe device that would allow people to simulate smoking without suffering all the health dangers of cigarettes.

Modern vapes work by heating the e-liquid for inhalation and allow the users to take in the vapours without all the harmful chemicals that have plagued cigarette users for centuries. At SMOKO, there is a vast selection of vapes on offer to help make the switch today.

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