Buy your SMOKO VAPE E-Cigarette Refills here! We have an extensive range of amazing flavours and nicotine strengths available in our VAPE E-Cigarette Refills.

The SMOKO VAPE Refills are compatible with the SMOKO VAPE E-Cigarette.

Unlike many of the other e-cigarette brands who rely on Chinese-made ingredients, all of our E-Liquids and Flavours are proudly Made in the UK!

If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, using the SMOKO VAPE E-Cigarette would work out to be roughly £1.50 to £2.00 a day depending on how much you use it! Imagine how much money you can save in a year!



EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING - delivers a realistic smoking sensation, so you get the full satisfaction of a cigarette!

MADE IN THE UK - we use the highest quality, UK-Made ingredients (many e-cigarettes use Chinese-made ingredients),

VIRTUALLY ODOURLESS - our e-cigarette produces almost no smell, so your breath and your clothes won't smell like an ashtray anymore!

DRAMATICALLY MORE AFFORDABLE - if you smoke a pack a day, using SMOKO will work out to £1.50 to £2.00 a day!  Each SMOKO VAPE Refill contains approximately 65 - 70 cigarettes worth of nicotine!

PRE-FILLED AND READY TO USE - Unlike other larger e-cigarettes that are prone to leaking and are very messy to refill, the SMOKO VAPE E-Cigarette Refill is ready to use.

If you are looking to make a major lifestyle change then SMOKO is definitely for you!


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Many VAPE brands that are sold in grocery and petrol stations use Chinese-made e-liquids. SMOKO does things very differently! All of the nicotine, ingredients and flavours we use in our e-liquids are made with the highest-quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are all MADE IN THE UK.  So you know you are getting the best vape on the market.

SMOKO VAPE - Quality you can trust!

SMOKO uses the high quality, pharmaceutical-grade flavours and ingredients in our e-liquids that are all MADE IN THE UK

There is no doubt that smoking cigarettes is bad for us but many people don't realize that traditional cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens.  

SMOKO VAPE Pods contains only 4 high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are all Made in the UK. SMOKO contains Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin (used in candy, gum, soft drinks, fat-free ice cream and cake mixes), Food Flavouring (found in most of our food) and Nicotine (which is the only reason why we smoke).  

According to Public Health England "electronic cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes". So by eliminating the harmful ingredients, it's no wonder that almost 4 million people in the UK have made the switch to vaping!

e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes according to Public Health England

Unlike normal cigarettes that leave a nasty smell everywhere, SMOKO VAPE Refills have virtually ZERO smell.

So your clothes, your hair and your breath won't smell of stale cigarettes anymore.  

With SMOKO, your teeth won't develop that unpleasant yellow hue we spend so much time trying to get rid of so you can say goodbye to yellow teeth!

So imagine what using SMOKO VAPES will do for your self-confidence?

SMOKO E-Cigarettes are virtually odourless and do not produce 2nd hand smoke

Smoking cigarettes is a very expensive habit. With the recent price hikes in the UK, you can expect to pay over £10/pack of cigarettes in your local shop! The average person who smokes 1 pack a day could be spending upwards of £3,800 every year.  

Switching to SMOKO VAPEs will cost you between £1.50 to £2.00 a day.

You don't need a Maths Degree from Cambridge or an Economics Major from the London School of Economics to figure which is better for your wallet!

SMOKO E-Cigarettes will help a pack a day smoker save up to £3,000 every year

The SMOKO VAPE is a scientific marvel with a bit of magic.  Using industry leading ceramic coil technology and our authentic flavours and Made in the UK E-Liquids, your SMOKO VAPE replicates a realistic smoking sensation!  The vape battery heats up the ceramic coil in your pod to produce a thick and satisfying vapour filled with amazing flavours and a great nicotine hit giving you the experience you are used to!

how the SMOKO vape produces a realistic smoke-like vapour that is truly satisfying

You will know when you VAPE battery needs to be replaced when the RED light around the end flashes 3 times and then turns off.  Unscrew the vape refill, attach the battery to your black USB Charging cable and then plug into a USB port.  Recharging will take up to 1 hour.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO ALWAYS REMOVE YOUR VAPE POD BEFORE YOU CHARGE YOUR BATTERY!  

Replacing your VAPE refill is just as easy.  When the amount of vapour produced begins to diminish and the flavour begins to fade, you should change your refill.  You should be able to see there is no e-liquid left in the refill as well.  Unscrew the old refill and pop a fresh new refill on to a fully charge battery.  And now you are ready to vape again!

how to charge a vape e-cigarette battery

It seems like the world of vaping has become extremely complicated. Bigger devices, new vape starter kit designs, more power, extra coils, drip trays and more. But switching from cigarettes to vaping doesn’t have to be that hard. The SMOKO VAPE Refills which come in your SMOKO VAPE starter kit make the transition to smoke-free living extremely easy. The SMOKO VAPE is an easy, realistic and effective alternative to smelly and expensive cigarettes.

The SMOKO VAPE has 3 simple components, an e-cigarette VAPE rechargeable battery, a USB charging cable and a VAPE refill or vape pod as some people refer to it as. It is the vape refill that we wanted to explain more about in this section.

The SMOKO VAPE e-cigarette refill is a closed unit that consists of the e-liquid or “e-juice” and a heating element or “atomizer”. It is the refill where the magic happens. And the SMOKO VAPE Refill uses an industry leading ceramic coil technology which produces a thick and satisfying smoke-like vapour for such a small and low-power e-cigarette device.

When you attach a vape refill to your e-cig vape battery and draw on it like you would with a cigarette, the resistance activates the ceramic atomizer in the VAPE refills which heats up the e-liquid and turns it into a smoke-like vapour. The vapour from the e-liquid then travels through the vape refill and into your mouth and lungs. While all of this happens instantaneously, it creates a realistic smoking sensation that is truly authentic and satisfying.

There as some truly great benefits to using SMOKO VAPE refills and a closed vape electronic cigarette system.

No messy refilling - With pre-filled refills, SMOKO has filled our UK-Made E-Liquids in the vape pod and it is ready to use. So there is no messy refilling of e-liquids or risk of spilling.

Less maintenance / No need to replace coils – a common complaint by most vapers using a larger open system is the ongoing maintenance of their vape starter kits. Leaking tanks, constantly replacing coils, atomizers not working, ongoing battery issues and so many more. But when you use SMOKO’s ceramic coil vape refills, because the atomizer and e-liquid are already sealed in the e-cig refill, they are ready to use without the hassle. And once the refill is finished, you put on a new refill that contains a new coil and fresh e-liquid. This makes vaping easy.

Safer Vaping – it seems not a day goes by when the media published a damning headline about the dangers of vaping. There has been lots of news from the US about black-market e-liquids recently. And there is an inherent danger to the general consumers who use an open system – they leave themselves open to the risk of contaminated e-liquids or malfunctioning parts and batteries. However, when you use a closed vape starter kit system like SMOKO’ VAPE, because we only use the highest quality ingredients in our e-liquids and they come pre-sealed, you know that the risk of e-liquid contamination is dramatically reduced.  

So if you are a smoker looking to vape for the first time, using a closed vape starter kit with pre-filled vape refills can be the most effective and easy to use solutions while still delivering a truly satisfying vaping experience.

Vaping should be easy. So finding the right replacement vape cartridge for your vape starter kit shouldn’t be hard. The key is to find a reliable vape starter kit from a great brand. With SMOKO E-Cigarettes, we have thousands of customers in 25 countries around the world who use our vape refills every day to stay smoke-free every day.

Each of our vape pods use an industry-leading ceramic coil technology to ensure you get the greatest vaping experience from your replacement vape pods. Even though this cutting edge technology in your vape pod is an important part of your quit smoking success, it’s the e-liquids that are inside that really matter. SMOKO’s e-liquids that are in each of our replacement vape cartridges and e-cigarette pods are created with the highest quality ingredients and authentic flavours that are all Made in the UK.

Like our customers around the world, you know that with each vape refill you order from SMOKO, you will be getting the best quality e-liquids every time.

Easy To Order Replacement Vape Refills - Ordering your replacement vape refills with SMOKO is very straight forward – you can order your VAPE refills online, over the phone or you can visit our flagship store.

Free Delivery On Replacement VAPE Pods – when you order your replacement vape refills and vape pods from SMOKO, we offer free delivery on UK orders over £30.

Same Business Day Dispatch on Replacement Vape Refills – when you order your replacement vape refills and vape pods before 2pm from Monday to Friday, we process your order that same day and ensure it is dispatched.

Great Delivery Options On VAPE Refill Replacements – we know how important it is to get your replacement vape refills as quick as possible, so we offer a number of fast delivery options including Royal Mail, UK Mail and DPD Local for UK orders of replacement vape pods and DHL or FedEx for international replacement vape refill orders.

So if you are looking for a reliable electronic cigarette vape refill supplier – SMOKO’s vape pods and e-cigarette refills use our UK-Made e-liquids made with the finest ingredients, easy to order replacement vape pods, Free vape refill deliveries and same business day dispatch.

SMOKO was started by ex-smokers who wanted to help as many people to make the biggest and most important health change in their lives. After losing countless loved-ones due to smoking-related diseases, we knew that SMOKO’s VAPE Pods could help thousands of smokers to switch to a more affordable and dramatically healthier alternative.

Unlike many vape devices and e-liquid brands who are constantly chasing the new trends, SMOKO has designed 2 very easy to use and highly effective e-cigarette starter kits which use a closed pre-filled industry-leading vape refill technology that delivers a realistic smoking sensation. Designed to be easy to use, leak-free vape refills, with no buttons to press, it gives you the best vaping experience and convenience.

Because they are easy to use and virtually maintenance-free, our vape refills give you the freedom to enjoy your habit without any hassle and have been proven to be one of the best way to switch from cigarettes.

For someone who is smoking 1 pack of tailor-made cigarettes a day could be spending upwards of £10.50 each and every day. Beyond the proven health benefits of giving up cigarettes for e-cigarettes, the financial benefits can dramatically change your life for the better. It is important to look at the price you pay for a pack of cigarettes, understand how many cigarettes worth of nicotine are in a vape refill and then analyse the cost savings over a period of time. The Vaping Saving table below will make you feel even better about switching to vape refills!

How Many Cigarettes You Smoke a Day How Much Smoking Costs a Day Cost of VAPE Refills Per Day Savings Every Day Savings Every Month Savings Every Year

5 cigarettes






10 cigarettes






15 cigarettes






20 cigarettes






30 cigarettes






40 cigarettes






50 cigarettes






So by making the simple switch from cigarettes to using e-cigarettes and vape refills, you should be asking yourself why I haven’t bought a vape starter kit sooner?

In the last 8 years, our customers around the world have saved at least £75,000,000 of their hard-earned money from going up in in smoke and have NOT smoked over 200,000,000 cigarettes! That is a massive positive impact on the health and finances of our customers who use SMOKO’s vape refills every day.