5 Top Tips To Quit Smoking

Here at SMOKO we are all ex-smokers, so we know how difficult it can be to put the cigarettes down for good. We have collected the ones that helped us the most, and how e-cigarettes can help.



Like any big undertaking quitting smoking needs a bit of planning. Most of us fall into the trap of pushing quitting off until tomorrow, and keep doing that forever. The best thing you can do is give yourself a definite date (not too far in the future) and plan for it.


Get rid of the cigarettes you don't need to last you until then, and make sure you have what you need to get through the next week or two!



We've all heard of people who just decided one day they weren't smokers any more, and just stopped. And for a few people that works, but most people slip back into smoking after only a couple of days. In fact on 3 out of 100 people can stop smoking that way.


Most smokers have tried  though at least once to give up completely at one time or another, and if you weren't on of those 3% then don't worry, you are not alone!


That's why we at SMOKO suggest e-cigarettes, they give you the nicotine you need to keep going, but don't have the 4000 chemicals or 50 known carcinigens that cigarettes have.


E-cigarettes have also been shown to be one of the most effective way to quit, helping people quit every day.


You can quit without all the pain that comes with going cold turkey!



Peer pressure is a powerful force, and even though we hate to admit it, it works just as well now as it did when we were teenagers. After all it was probably a big reason you started smoking in the first place.


Use peer pressure to help you quit as well then! Tell as many people that you know that you are quitting, people will notice if you start to slip, and help you get back on the right path.


Plus when you do stay off the cigarettes the positive feedback you get can really help on the rougher days.


If you are serious about quitting, make sure that everyone knows about it.



As a smoker cigarettes become just another part of the monthly budget. But even if you plan for cigarettes, it is still surprising how much it costs you. A great way to keep yourself motivated is to collect the money you would have spent on cigarettes.


This way you save money, and every time you waver you get a great visual reminder of how much money you have saved already.


Unlike your health, this is very real and tangible effect of quitting smoking, and lets you see one of the positives of quitting smoking.


For example on average a smoker goes through about 20 a day (19.4 a day is the exact number). If each pack of 20 costs £10 you are spending £70 a week.


Over a month that is £280!


If you are using e-cigarettes the amount you save will be slightly different, but as 200 cigarettes worth of nicotine is only £10 (that's a box of 5 refills) you would only need to spend £30 to keep you happily in nicotine for the month!



Even with all these tips you might still fall of the wagon and have a cigarette.


Don't let that make you stop!


All of us here had a cigarette after we were meant to have quit, but one cigarette doesn't mean you have failed.


Quitting is a process and as long as you get back on the wagon and keep going you have nothing to worry about. Stopping smoking is a marathon, not a sprint, it doesn't matter if you stumble once or twice, as long as you keep going.


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