The Immediate Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

The Immediate Benefits Of Quitting Smoking




Quitting smoking can be extremely difficult, we are not going to lie, it can be one of the most difficult things you can do.


And even though there are many options for today’s smokers, it can be daunting to start. If you are thinking about quitting smoking here are some of the immediate benefits of not smoking that might give you the much needed motivation!



Besides reducing the risk of disease and premature death, kicking the smoking habit can result in a much cleaner mouth. Many people forget how much damage smoking does to your mouth and gum disease is a huge problem for smokers. It is the reason why old smokers rarely have all their teeth.


Once you quit smoking, your teeth and gums start to heal, and you will stop staining your teeth. It's the tar in cigarettes stains and yellows teeth, making smokers look much older than they really are. If you have smoked most of your life, your teeth can actually turn brown. After all if just one cigarette can stain the filter, imagine what years of that do to your teeth!



Besides the smell of smoke on your breath, tobacco products can dry out the mouth killing good bacteria that keeps your breath smelling fresh. Smokers are also more prone to periodontal disease and cancers of the mouth and throat. 


When you stop smoking the bacteria start to grow back, and although that sounds disgusting it is great for your mouth. It's also great for the people around you!



Not only will quitting smoking result in a cleaner mouth, your senses will also improve. Many people who have successfully quit smoking traditional cigarettes say that they are tasting food all over again.


This is because cigarettes deaden the taste buds and after you quit smoking, your taste buds will rejuvenate and give you an all new sense of taste and enjoyment of your food. This is also a contributing factor to the weight loss/gain controversy behind smoking.



Quitting smoking will help you enjoy more activities more. After just 20 minutes of putting down a cigarette, your heart rate and blood pressure will decrease and you will be able to feel less exhausted during everyday activities.


Twelve hours after quitting smoking, your carbon monoxide level goes back to normal making your heart work less and making normal activities much easier to accomplish. This can also reduce the risk of a heart attack considerably within two weeks and up to three months after quitting smoking; your lung function will also begin to increase and you will be able to breathe easier.


As you can see, within minutes of quitting smoking, you will feel better and start on that journey towards a healthier, cleaner you.


So if you want to get the benefits of quitting, but don't think you can give up on nicotine yet, then give our starter kits a try!


They only have 4 ingredients in, and you will get all the benefits of being a non-smoker while enjoying a puff or two.

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