Non-Smokers Given 6 Days Extra Holiday To Counteract Smoking Breaks

A company in Japan has made the bold move to give all non smokers in their company 6 days of extra holiday compared to their smoking colleges.


Many ex-smokers might not want to admit it, but there are a few things we all miss about smoking. Definitely not the health issues or the waste of money, but going for a smoking break is normally one of them.


As a vaper you can use you e-cigarette almost anywhere, including the office without hurting anyone. But this also means that as a ex-smoker we notice when people go for smoking breaks, because that used to be us.


It makes you realise how much time smokers spend outside in the cold, and that can make the non-smokers envious. After all it seems that smokers are given more time off then their healthier co-workers. Morale of an office can really take a plummet, after all a smoker gets about 40 minutes extra off each day!


In the case of this company as they were on the 29th floor the average smoking break was about 15 minutes. And you can bet they took at least 4 a day.


For the other co-workers at Piala Inc they had to work an hour more then the smokers, at least!


What makes it even more surprising is that this came from Japan, where the World Health Organisation rates as the worst for anti-smoking regulations.


But smoking breaks though aren't just bad for the office morale, but for everyone. In 2014 it was worked out that smoking breaks cost the UK economy £8.4 billion a year.


This seems like a great idea all round then, not only does it stop smoking being seen as a positive, but it gives smokers an incentive to quit.


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