Everyone loves to visit the beach, and if you enjoy vaping, you'll likely want to take it with you. It's a great idea, and can help you enjoy your day in the sun - but how do you take care of your vape or e-cigarette while you're at the beach?

Here are some simple tips to make sure your vape stays as safe as possible.



Direct sunlight and your vape device don't mix well.

Many vape devices are powered by lithium batteries, which aren't intended to be exposed to direct sunlight and heat for any long period of time. All our batteries are equipped with safety measures so there is no danger but heat can actually make your battery work harder and wear down your battery faster.

The heat and the sun will also evaporate the e-liquid inside your e-cigarette refills, which means less vapour! Like any liquid, hot temperatures will effect your e-liquid and means that even if you normally only use 1/2 a refill a day if your refills are left in the sun an heat all day they can quickly run out.

Make sure you keep your vape somewhere cool and shady like the pocket of a bag while you're not using it so you can get the most out of your Vape and E-cigarette refills.



If you're keeping your vape in a bag, make sure it's as sealed as possible. When you go to the beach, we all know that sand has a habit of getting everywhere - the last place you want it to get into is your vape device.

If the sand gets into the refill or the connection between the battery and the refill it can stop the connection and so stop the e-cigarette from working properly. Even worse, if sand gets into the refill itself it can not only absorb the e-liquid but stop the the liquid from being vaporised essentially making it useless.

The water can also be an issue with e-cigarettes, if the refills gets wet it can dilute the e-liquid inside the refill. At best you will have a watered down refill which tastes odd, at worst the sea will wash out all the e-liquid. Water for batteries is even worse, and if you do get your battery soaked we do not suggest trying to use it.

The good news is that the mouthpieces are quite small on our e-cigarettes, so as long as you don't drop the e-cig directly into the sand you should be ok. But to be safe make sure that your e-cigarettes are stored safely away so you are not left high and dry.



If you're planning on spending a long day at the beach, make sure you have extra batteries!

As we said before, the heat and sun can effect the charge of a battery, so even if a battery normally lasts for over a day for you it might last less on the each. If you take an extra battery with you, you can make sure that you never without your e-cigarettes.

In fact we always suggest that you have at least 1 spare battery so you can use your refills while a battery is being charged. But if you are planning a day out make sure both batteries are fully charged before you leave the house!

Similarly, you should make sure you have e-cigarette refills available. If the worst happens and water or sand gets into your refill you will want to replace it as soon as possible. But even if an accident doesn't happen you might be using your refills more than usual.



Certain beaches may have regulations that govern where you're allowed to vape and may offer designated areas to do it. Pay attention to these, and observe the guidelines, to avoid falling foul of penalties.

To be polite it is also a good idea not to vape around people you don't know. Although E-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than cigarettes and there is no evidence that vapour can harm people around you, some people might still be wary of it. 

If you are using an e-cigarette like ours then the vapour produced is quite small (the same amount roughly as a cigarette would produce vapour), this probably isn't going to be an issue. However if you are using a larger vaporiser that makes clouds of vapour it might be a good idea to make sure no-one minds before using it.

With these simple tips, you'll be able to enjoy your day at the beach with your vape without worrying. All you'll have to do is enjoy your vape!


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