Congratulations! You have taken the first step to being smoke-free and bought a SMOKO E-Cigarette Starter kit.  

The SMOKO E- Cigarette is designed to be easy to use and realistic, but to get the most out of your E-Cigarette you will need to know how to maintain, clean and store all your E-Cigarette refills and batteries to ensure you get the best vaping experience.

How to maintain your SMOKO E-Cigarette

One of the great things about the E-Cigarette starter kit is that it is designed to look like a cigarette; that means there are no buttons to press, no coils to replace and no tanks to rinse. By following these simple steps with the batteries and refills you can keep them in top condition and make sure you stay off the cigarettes for good.

Storing your E-Cigarette

  • Keep your refills out of direct sunlight – Like any liquid, the e-liquid in your E-Cigarette refills can evaporate. By keeping the refills in sunlight, you speed up the evaporation, meaning less for you to puff on!
  • Don’t get the E-Cigarette battery wet – When it comes to batteries this is vitally important, as water and electronics do not mix. If your battery gets soaked then we would suggest recycling it (most supermarkets have places to recycle batteries). The E-Cigarette refills can also be affected by water, if they get really wet the liquid inside can be diluted. The moral of this story – don’t go swimming with your SMOKO E-Cigarette.
  • Don’t leave your E-Cigarette refills in a hot place – we suggest that you shouldn’t keep your E-Cigarette refills anywhere they can get hot. Treat them like a fine wine and keep them in a dry, dark and cool place. You don’t want the e-liquid in your E-Cigarette refills to evaporate!
  • Secure your E-Cigarette – If you leave your refills or batteries in a drawer with lots of other things they can get banged up. If this happens for long enough you can damage your refills and batteries and be left with nice looking ornaments rather than a working E-Cigarette.

Keeping your E-Cigarette in top condition

  • Leave your Refill upright – When you are not using your E-Cigarette, it’s best to keep it standing upright if possible. If there isn’t that much liquid left in the refill, leaving it on its side can make the liquid pool away from the coil at the bottom, which can then partially dry out. When you took your next puff and the coil is partially dry it can cause an odd taste.
  • Don’t use too much – About 5 to 7 puffs is about the same amount of nicotine as 1 cigarette, so don’t puff away without thinking about it! If you do use the E-Cigarette a lot in quick succession, condensation can build up from all the vapour that you didn’t puff on. Over time this can condense back into liquid and build up and leave condensation.
  • Don’t be too rough – As the E-Cigarette is small and discreet it can be easy to throw them into a bag or pocket and forget about it. Although they are designed to be sturdy, if they get banged around enough they will start to malfunction.

How to clean E-Cigarette Refills and Batteries

Over time condensation from the vapour, dust and dirt can build up on your battery and the refills. By cleaning your battery and refill regularly you can keep your E-Cigarette in top condition, and keep it working like it should.

The battery especially needs cleaning, as the connector attracts dirt and grime. If the E-Cigarette battery isn’t cleaned over time a covering can build up, stopping the connection from the battery to your refills.

The good news is that due to the E-Cigarette being designed to be easy to use, it is also easy to clean.

Cleaning your E-Cigarette battery

Before you begin you will need a cloth or tissue to wipe the connector end of the battery. We suggest that you do this every time you recharge the battery or when you replace a refill. This will keep your battery nice and clean.

  1. Unscrew the refill from the battery.
  2. Inside the part of the battery that you normally screw the refill onto you will see a silver disk with a hole in the centre, this is the connector.
  3. Gently wipe the connector, making sure to not to press too hard.
  4. Clean the outer edge as well, making sure to reach beneath the connector if you can.

Cleaning your E-Cigarette USB Charger

As you are not carrying this around all the time like you do with the battery, this won’t get as dirty as quickly. But we do suggest that you give the USB a clean every once in a while, as the connector inside does collect dirt and dust as well. And like the battery, if the connector in the USB gets too dirty it can stop the charging process!

  1. Unplug the USB from the USB port you have it plugged into.
  2. Inside the part of the USB charger that you normally screw the battery onto you will see a silver disk with a hole in the centre, this is the connector.
  3. Gently wipe the connector, making sure to not to press too hard.

Cleaning your E-Cigarette refills

Although not as important as cleaning your battery (as E-Cigarette refills are disposable) it is a good idea whenever you take a E-Cigarette refill off a battery, or if it has been sitting around for a day or two, to give your refill a quick clean.

Like the battery you will need a cloth or tissue.

  1. Turn over the refill so the mouthpiece is facing downwards.
  2. You will see a disk with a hole in the centre and two raised parts either side of the hole, this is the connector and the main item that needs to be cleaned.
  3. Carefully wipe any condensation or dirt from the connector, making sure that you don’t push it down.
  4. Don’t be too rough! The connector can move around and you don’t want to push it out of position.
  5. Wipe up any other dirt from around the edge.

Fixing your E-Cigarette

Whether due to wear and tear, old age or just bad luck sometimes your E-Cigarette will stop working. However there are a few quick tricks you can try to get your E-Cigarette working again.

E-Cigarette not producing vapour

This is normally down to a connection issue between the refill and the battery, as power isn’t getting to the E-Cigarette refill and so the atomiser isn’t turning the e-liquid into vapour. To get it started again:

  1. Make sure your E-Cigarette battery is fully charged
  2. Make sure to clean the E-Cigarette battery and refills – this is the most common issue with the E-Cigarette and giving the connectors on the battery and refill a clean can help get that connection working again.
  3. Move the connector in the battery – If cleaning doesn’t work it could be the battery’s connector has been pushed down. With a toothpick, or anything small and thin give the connector a wiggle upwards. It only needs a millimetre so don’t be too rough! Do this a couple of times around the connector and try the refill again.
  4. Move the connector in the refill – If wiggling the battery connector doesn’t work you can move the connector in the refill as well. With the toothpick or thin item you used on the battery give the connector in the refill a wiggle upwards. It also only needs a millimetre so don’t be too rough! Do this a couple of times around the connector and try the refill again.
  5. Try the E-Cigarette refill on a different battery – It might be that your refill is not connecting, try it on several batteries and see if it will work on any of them.

One of your E-Cigarette Refills doesn’t taste right

If you put on a refill and it doesn’t taste right, it could be the coil hasn’t been soaked in the liquid enough or has dried out. To fix this:

  1. Leave the refill upright for 10 minutes – If the refill has been on its side for a long time it could be the coil hasn’t absorbed the e-liquid. Leave it upright for 10 minutes to let the liquid be absorbed again.
  2. Unscrew the refill from the E-Cigarette battery and take a few puffs – Like priming a pump if you take a few short puffs when the refill isn’t connected you can get the liquid moving back onto the coil.
  3. Clean the E-Cigarette – If the connection isn’t quite right it can make the refill taste strange, cleaning the battery and the refill can help with this.
  4. Try the refill on a new battery – If cleaning doesn’t work then try the refill on a newly charged E-Cigarette battery.

Quick Tips on the E-Cigarette

Lastly we have a few tips that have helped us make the best use of the E-Cigarette.

  • Don’t use your battery to the very end – To make your battery last as long as possible put it on charge when the light at the bottom of the battery flashes. Using it until they very end repeatedly can shorten the life of the battery.
  • Don’t overcharge your E-Cigarette battery – Repeatedly leaving your battery to charge overnight or for hours after it’s finished charging can also shorten the life span of your battery. Once the light at the bottom stops glowing, take the E-Cigarette battery off charge!
  • When you are finished with the E-Cigarette refill, put it out of easy reach. It can be easy to overuse the E-Cigarette refill, so once you have had your fill (5 to 7 big puffs is roughly equivalent to 1 cigarette) put it away. This will stop you from puffing on it more than you need to!
  • Try different flavours –We suggest starting on a similar tobacco flavour when you first start so you get used to vaping. Once you have made the switch and are completely off cigarettes, why not try some of other flavours? It can be useful to have two different flavours, so if you get bored of one flavour you can always hop to another.
  • Have multiple E-Cigarette batteries – There is nothing worse than having to wait until a battery is charged to continue vaping, make sure you have a few fully charged E-Cigarette batteries you can use when one needs charging.
  • E-Cigarette Batteries last about 3 months – This will depend on your personal usage, but on average an E-Cigarette battery lasts about 3 months before wear and tear gets to it and you start getting issues. If you need to get a new battery you can buy one here -

If you have any questions about the SMOKO E-Cigarette please just email us at, call us on 0800 772 0234/ +44 (0) 1892 512529 or use the live chat function on the website.

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