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5 Things To Consider When Choosing An E-Cig

Choosing an electronic cigarette for the first time can be quite a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Getting the best e cig can be the difference between having a pleasant first-time experience and giving up early due to frustration.


The first few days of any new routine can be difficult, and if something goes wrong or you don't get on with it, falling back into your old ways is easy. That's why choosing the best electronic cigarette is vital for making the switch from smoking, as changing a years long habit is hard enough, you don't need more frustration!

Here’s a brief guide covering the top 5 factors to consider when shopping for an e-cig.


1. Batteries

Unlike a cigarette you need to make sure you have your battery ready to use and fully charged. The good news is that batteries these days last for a long time, and most people can get through most of a day on one battery.


An e-cig with lasting batteries will allow you to smoke more puffs and enjoy every minute of it.


Depending on the type of e-cigarette you are going for you might need to buy batteries separately, in which case you will need to find the best voltage for you and your hardware.


If you want something that has a built in battery and is simple to use and re-charge all our e-cigarette systems have built in batteries with fixed voltages, so not only are they easy to use, they will always deliver a consistent and satisfying vapour.


To have a look at our starter kits -


2. Flavours

To a smoker, looking for a specific flavour may seem unnecessary, especially considering that smokers are mostly after the nicotine. However, e-cigs provide much more than just nicotine.


    For those smokers who are just starting to use an e-cigarette we always suggest going for a tobacco flavour first so you can get used to it. After a few weeks of using the e-cigarette you might want to try other flavours but getting used to the e-cigarette and the feel of it is all-important.


    But even restricting your choice to just tobacco flavours we have plenty of choice: from Original (our most popular flavour), Virginia Rolling (our roll up tobacco flavour), Havana (a very rich tobacco flavour) Menthol and Mint Breeze to name a few.


    The best part though is that all our flavours are made in the UK and have been tested to make sure you are getting the best experience.


    To have a look at all the flavours we have available -


    3. Nicotine levels

    E-cigarettes can come in a huge range of nicotine strengths, going from zero all the way up to 2.0%. This range allows you to experiment with the strength you are most comfortable with and if you would like you can move down the nicotine strengths once you are comfortable.

    If you are just starting with e-cigarettes we would suggest starting with the 2.0% cartridges. These types of e-cigarettes are specially built and have batteries designed to avoid draining before satisfying your cravings. And by starting on the highest strength you are making it easier for you to succeed in making the switch from cigarettes.


    This is because the vapour from e-cigarettes is much kinder to your lungs than smoke is, and so takes longer to be absorbed than smoke does. By starting with the 2.0% you are giving yourself the best chance to make the switch from cigarettes.

    4. Vapour production

    Not all vapers always want the same style, model, or design of e-cigs. Some E-cigarettes produce a huge amount of vapour, you may have seen them on the street creating clouds when they breathe out. These can be be good for long term vapers who want something that feels nothing like a cigarette as they provide much more customisation, but can be difficult to use when you are first starting out.


      For others though they may want a more discreet option, or an e-cigarette that produces the same amount of vapour as a cigarette does smoke. For them we would suggest e-cigarettes sometimes called cig-a-likes, essentially e-cigarettes that look and feel like a cigarette. For many new people these can be a great help as they feel more like a cigarette and make the conversion easier.

      5. Budget

      The great thing about some e-cigarettes is that getting started is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. One of our starter kits for example is only £9.99 (with free shipping), and in that starter kit you not only get 60 cigarettes worth of nicotine but a re-chargeable battery and a USB charger for the battery. 


        And it gets even better when you start buying boxes of refills, as you buy 5 refills for the maximum price of £9.99. That means each refill (which are 30 cigarettes or nicotine each) is less than £2!


        And even better for your wallet is that we have weekly deals on all our refills so that you can get stocked up for even less. For an example of our weekly deals -

        Bottom line

        When starting out it can seem that there are millions of options to choose from, but if you choose a simple design you can see how much e-cigarettes can help you without any fuss. 


        If after you are comfortable with e-cigarettes you can think about all the different options if you like.

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