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The benefits you’ll notice after just one month of quitting cigarettes

We all know that quitting smoking can be tough, especially in those first few weeks as your body adjusts and your mental habits adapt to the change. The upside of this is that you will also notice lots of positive benefits within the first month of quitting cigarettes! Whether you have switched to vaping or e-cigarettes, we take a look at some of the great changes you’ll see to keep you motivated in those first few weeks.

Bank balance boost

If you switch to e-cigarettes or a vape, yes, you will still have some initial costs, but it's nothing compared to buying regular packs of cigarettes! A vape device will save you money in the long run and an e-liquid refill can start from just £5 compared to £10 for a pack of cigarettes. Set up a separate savings account and start adding the amount you are saving by quitting cigarettes. You’ll be amazed at how quickly that pot builds and you can use it as an incentive to treat yourself for sticking with it too!

Lung health

Our bodies are amazing and begin to work to repair the damage from smoking as soon as we stop. After just one month, your lung capacity and function will be significantly improved and you’ll notice that breathing is much easier. This in turn will likely make general exercise easier and can help you feel motivated to move more, so at this point, you might see your general fitness begin to make a dramatic improvement.

A happier smile

Traditional nicotine can wreak havoc on our mouths, from staining our teeth to increasing the risk of gum disease. After just four weeks without cigarettes, you’ll have significantly reduced the risk of mouth cancer and gum disease and may even notice your smile is brighter. A lot of people also find at this stage that their sense of taste and smell begins to improve too!

If you’re struggling to get off the tobacco for good, remember these incredible benefits to keep yourself on track.

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