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Strengthen your immune system to prevent Covid-19

Until a cure or vaccine is found, it is your responsibility to protect yourself from the deadly coronavirus. As you continue adhering to the protective measures given, you should also try to strengthen your immune system. Here are a few tips on how you can boost your immune system to prevent Covid-19.

Get your daily dose of vitamin C and D

When trying to strengthen your immune system, vitamin C and vitamin D are vital. Vitamin C is readily available in citrus fruits, guavas, berries, bell peppers, tomatoes, etc. On the other hand, vitamin D is rarely found or absorbed through foods, hence why we are advised to bask in the sun. With winter here, we are barely getting any sunlight, so get yourself a daily vitamin D3 supplement.


Keep fit and get enough sleep

Moderate exercising has many benefits for your overall wellbeing. It helps boost vaccines' effectiveness in immunocompromised patients, reduces inflammation, and promotes immune cell regeneration. Getting enough sleep every day also strengthens your immune system, allowing it to fight illnesses better. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid using your phone or tablet an hour before going to bed or try sleeping in a completely dark room.


Wash your hands and sanitize

Ensure you wash your hands with soap and running water every few hours throughout the day. If you cannot access soap and water, use an alcohol-based sanitiser. Keeping your hands clean protects you from germs and viruses, which prevents you from falling sick often.


Ditch the bad habits

Anything that compromises your immunity is not worth it. Smoking is particularly dangerous during this time because it damages your airways and lungs. If you are trying to quit smoking, vaping can help. E-liquids are also a much safer option compared to tobacco. To get your vape starter kit, visit our website for the best deals.

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