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How You Can Use Lockdown to Quit Smoking

Whether you're a key worker or self-isolating throughout the coronavirus lockdown and are worried about your smoking habit then this might be the time to think about an alternative.


You may already know the health and social issues associated with your smoking habit, but now that most of us are in lock down the issues around cigarette can become worse.


That's why we want to suggest doing something positive during this time, use this opportunity to finally make the switch from smoking and be able to call yourself a non-smoker for the first time in years!


Smokers in general are a group that is more at risk from illness and viruses, but if you have been dragging your heels about quitting this might be just the right time according to A.S.H (Action on Smoking and Heath). The UK charity focused on helping people quit has been talking about smoking during the outbreak and is trying to get as many smokers to quit as possible. 


They suggest that while we are forced inside, we can focus on helping ourselves and others and finally quit cigarettes.


As you may know smoking is one of the most dangerous things you can do to yourself, with cigarette related deaths being the number 1 preventable killer in the world. It does this in a number of ways but one of the most important ones right now is that some of the 4000+ chemicals inside tobacco lower your immune system.


But it is not just ASH that is suggesting that smokers give up their habit, the Health Secretary supports the same thing saying: It is abundantly clear that smoking makes the impact of a coronavirus worse”


This is because smokers are much more likely to have a reduced lung capacity than the average non-smoker. This means that smokers are more at risk to illnesses that effect the lungs like Covid-19. 


By smoking you are not only making it easier to catch such viruses, but due to the chemicals in tobacco your body is less able to fight it. By quitting today you can help yourself and everyone else by increasing your chances of staying healthy.


The good news is that even stopping smoking for just 24 hours can be enough to start the healing of your lungs.


Quitting smoking though won't just be helping yourself, but helping those around you as well. As we all know 2nd hand smoke is harmful for all those near us and can seriously effect their health. Especially now that many of us are constantly indoors and don't have access to an outside area, 2nd hand smoke will be having a huge effect.


That is not even mentioning 3rd hand smoke, which is less well known but can be a serious issue for those staying inside a lot. Cigarette smoke and the 4000+ chemicals and 50+ carcinogens which can be found there can settle into your fabrics around the house and radiate toxins and carcinogens for weeks afterwards. As there are now more us in the house constantly the risk of damage from 3rd hand smoke will increase.


But if you have tried to give up smoking before and failed, then why not try e-cigarettes? 


Vaping might be just the thing during this time, as e-cigarettes are not only  95% less harmful than cigarettes, but the 2nd hand vapour doesn't harm those around you. ASH suggest the same thing, saying that e-cigarettes are a much better alternative than cigarettes.


In fact in a Q&A about smoking and Covid-19 Dr Caitlin Notley, chief investigator of Smoking Cessation intervention development at at the University of East Anglia said: "People should be encouraged to switch to vaping rather than continuing to smoke tobacco. There is no evidence that vaping increases the risk of infection or progression to severe conditions of COVID-19."


And if you have tried quitting smoking before and keep failing vaping can help. E-cigarettes are one of the best ways to quit smoking, with trials showing that an e-cigarette almost twice as effective if not more so, than patches or gum.


And although the health impact of switching to e-cigarettes is perhaps the most important issue right now, E-cigs can also save you pots of dosh over the long term, too.


With E-cigarettes being up to 80% cheaper than cigarettes it makes monetary sense as well as health wise to finally make the switch away from cigarettes.

What's more, the latest UK government advice about coronavirus lockdown is to avoid shopping as much as possible. If you have been trying to get an online order for cigarettes you may know this, but buying cigarettes online is just about impossible, as major supermarkets won't deliver them with online shops.


This means you'll still need to visit local stores to buy your ciggies if you're isolating at home! That's not the case with e cigs or vape refills though. Even though many local vape shops are closed, there are loads of online vape stores offering all the popular e cigarette deals and starter kits needed to kick off your new smoke-free lifestyle.



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