Should E-Cigs Be Available To Everyone On The NHS?

Great news for E-cigarettes this week! Public Health England (PHE) just announced that E-Cigs should be available to everyone on the NHS.


The reason for this should be obvious, E-Cigs are much better for you than smoking, and they help people quit.


But this isn't the first time PHE has supported e-cigarettes. For those who don't remember, PHE were the ones who found that e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than cigarettes.


But do we need E-cigs on the NHS, after all they are cheaper than cigarettes!


What Does Public Health England Want?

The announcement comes after an independent review of the latest evidence, suggesting at least 20,000 people a year are quitting with the help of e-cigarettes.


As the evidence proved that E-Cigarettes are extremely effective at helping people to stop smoking, PHE wants the NHS to promote E-Cigarettes in hospitals. They even want E-Cigarettes made available on prescription, according to BBC News.


Not only that but they want a wide range of changes including:


  • vaping rooms in hospitals
  • doctors actively encouraging smokers to try e-cigs
  • "an easier route" for E-cigarette manufacturers to get a medical licence.
  • This is great for e-cigs, as it is confirms that e-cigarettes are a legitimate and practical way to quit smoking.


Couple this compelling research, support by the wider health community and the fact that over half of all smokers in the UK have never tried e-cigarettes and you begin to see why PHE wants e-cigarettes widely available.


After all the importance of e-cigarettes as a catalyst to dramatically change the ongoing and long term health of the UK is undeniable.


What Is Stopping People Trying E-Cigarettes If They Are So Useful?


One of the main points raised to explain why more people aren't trying e-cigarettes is lack of a clear message.


Can you really blame people? If you read the news they are constantly either calling e-cig's a menace or hailing it as a saviour. Sometimes in the same week!


With this announcement PHE wants to set the record straight and encourage smokers to try e-cigarettes as a means of quitting for good.


They made it extremely clear how bad cigarettes were, with Ann McNeil, the lead author and professor of tobacco addiction at King's College London, saying:


"When people smoke tobacco cigarettes, they inhale a lethal mix of 7,000 smoke constituents, 70 of which are known to cause cancer. The constituents in tobacco smoke that cause the harm are either absent or at much lower levels... in e-cigarettes so we are confident that they are substantially less harmful than cigarette smoking.”


"People smoke for the nicotine - but contrary to what the vast majority believe, nicotine causes little if any of the harm.”


"The toxic smoke is the culprit and is the overwhelming cause of all the tobacco-related disease and death."


Are E-Cigs Needed On The NHS?

It is great news that PHE supports E-Cigarettes so much that they want it part of the NHS, but is it needed? After all E-cigs are already so much cheaper than cigarettes that smokers making the switch will be saving money! 


Normally a medicine or aid is subsidised by the NHS to make it free or very affordable for public to buy. The price of e-cigarettes isn't the issue though as switching to e-cigarettes will actually help smokers, and in the long run save them money.


E-Cigarettes are also freely available, you can buy them online over the phone or pop into a shop and pick up some, would you be able to do this if they were on the NHS? 


It might cost the NHS more money, and with all the news coverage about out national health service why add even a small amount of extra strain when we don't have to?


Medicine that can't be bought easily or would be too expensive (or too dangerous) for the average person are perfect for the NHS, but e-cigarettes don't really fall into these categories.



This statement from PHE is great for E-cigarettes as it shows their commitment and belief in E-cigarettes and how good they can be for smokers. Putting them onto the NHS might be a bit far, but hopefully it will show how safe and effective e-cigarettes can be if PHE is backing them.


If you are one of those smokers who haven't tried smoking yet why not try the Smoko Starter Kit and see if you can make the switch today?