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Covid-19 - Comparing the Effects of Smoking and Vaping

Smoking has always been dangerous, but there is no better time to quit than this year. Smokers are categorised as immunocompromised, similar to cancer and HIV patients, which puts them at risk of getting severe Covid-19 symptoms.


This pandemic has forced many of us to change how we live, and it could be time for you to do the same. Here is everything you need to know about smoking and Coronavirus.

Smoking increases your chances of getting infected

To protect ourselves from Covid-19, we are advised not to touch our face as the water molecules which contains the virus can easily be transferred from your hands to your nose and mouth.


However, due to the way that most smokers hold their cigarette as they smoke, there is contact between your fingers and lips. Also, unlike e-cigs, you cannot disinfect a contaminated cigarette, and this further increases the chance of transmission.


Smoking also have an effect on your immune system, weakening it to the point that smokers are much more likely to get sick.


Lastly 2nd hand smoke can also effect the chances of people getting Covid. Passive smoking can have a huge long term effect on people who regularly breathe in smoke, and cause many of the same respiratory and immune issues that smokers are subject to. Children especially are effected by 2nd hand smoke due to their smaller lungs.

Smoking increases the severity of Covid-19 symptoms

As you already know, smoking reducing lung capacity and impairs its function, putting you at high risk of respiratory diseases such as pneumonia. Once you are infected with Covid-19, your already compromised lungs might not be able to fight the infection.

Tobacco can also cause non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. The WHO categorised persons with these illnesses as high risks groups, meaning that they are more likely to experience severe Covid-19 symptoms or even death.

What can I do?

Quitting is the most recommended solution to this problem. As a matter of fact, twenty minutes after quitting smoking, your heart rate is elevated, and your blood pressure decreases. Carbon monoxide levels in the bloodstream also go back to normal after 12 hours. Reversing the damage on your lungs will take a long time, but after a year, coughing and shortness of breath will gradually decrease.


That being said, we understand that quitting is not easy, after all you are not just fighting a chemical addiction but a habit you have formed over most of your life.


That is why we recommend e-cigs as a substitute for regular cigarettes. You can still get the nicotine your body needs, but without the 4000 toxins and 50+ carcinogens that are found in cigarettes. While the cigarette smoke leaves tar and harmful chemicals in your lungs, e-cigarette vapour only leaves water vapour residue. And as the vapour made when you use an e-cigarette is made up of water and not smoke it is much kinder to your lungs.


E-Cigarettes can also help with the physical habit as well, as you are still breathing in something and holding it in your hand you can replace a cigarette for an e-cigarette much easier than with a patch!


Even better, Vapour doesn't harm other people. So unlike with like 2nd hand smoke your habit won't be hurting people around you too.


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