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Second Try Lucky, Finally Succeeding With SMOKO - A SMOKO Success Story

Feeling on top of the world after giving up smoking

This time we are looking at a fairly new customer, who was able to stick with SMOKO the second time around. 


There are a fair number of customers who fall of the wagon the first time, like Jane here, but as she says it doesn't matter how many times you fail, as long as you succeed once!


She told us this story a few days ago,


"Years ago I tried SMOKO and I loved it. I got it from one of the kiosks that used to be around and immediately started to use it. 


It was all going well, I had all the accessories and was happily cutting down more and more on my cigarettes. I loved the Virginia Rolling flavour as they tasted exactly like my normal roll ups and it really hit the spot for me. I would happily puff away on my little SMOKO.


And I could see the results of not smoking as much as well, my skin seemed clearer and I even started running again!


It was all going great for me, I was smoking less then I had in years, and then came Benidorm.


Me and a few friends go to Benidorm every year for a week of sun and fun, and all of my other friends were smokers (like I used to be). Every year the wine would flow and then the cigarettes would come out. 


Before I left I was determined not to smoke, so I brought my SMOKO with me and I thought I was ready. The problem though came on the second day, as I had hugely underestimated how much I would use my little e-cig!


I thought I could last the next 6 nights without nicotine of any sort, but I hadn't thought about my friends. They were just trying to be nice as they could see I didn't have and e-cigs and I was already a bit twitchy without nicotine, so they kept offering me a cigarette.


By the time the sun had gone down and a bottle or two of wine had been drunk I was puffing away on a cigarette. After that night I went out and got some more, it wasn't like cigarettes were hard to get, after all back then Spain still had vending machines which sold cigarettes!


I promised myself that after the trip I would go back to SMOKO, but I got home and that never quite happened. It was always something I thought about but I kept saying that I would do it next week. After all quitting on a Wednesday is always odd, Monday is a much better day to start.


After a couple of years of telling myself that, the idea sort of got to the back burner and I was well and truly a smoker again.


That changed a few months back, due to the virus that is going around and a pre-existing condition I have been stuck in the house for a while now and have been trying to use the time to give the whole house a de-clutter.


When I was doing one of those drawers that you stuff things in and never look at again I found my little e-cigarette from years back. 


As it had been over 5 years the refills weren't the best, and I would suggest for anyone who finds a really old opened refill not to give it a try! But I found a few that were sealed and looked to be in good condition, so I gave them a try. Now I've tried proper refills that aren't 5 years old I know these refills weren't the best, but at the time I enjoyed them.


More importantly it did remind me of the time I almost quit for good and I thought I would give it another go.


I found their website and got myself an E-Cigarette starter kit, and when it arrived I remembered why I liked it so much back then. The flavour was the same as before and I made a promise to myself that this time I would do this properly.


I got all the stuff again and hoped for the best. It turns out I didn't need to hope as I was enchanted by these little refills again. I decided to do things a bit differently this time, and instead of trying to wean myself off my roll ups I was going to stop completely and just use SMOKO.


And it has worked! I have been without a cigarette for 2 months now, which is far more than I have ever been able to achieve before. I have also cleaned out all my cigarette items, so no more ashtrays, lighters or paper anymore.


I'm not sure whether I can call myself a non-smoker yet, as I do still get the odd urge to get a cigarette. But with SMOKO I'm able to ignore those urges and carry on my merry way.


The way I figure it now is that it may have taken me a while to get here, but I have finally succeeded in getting rid of the cigarettes and that is what really counts."



As Jane said, it doesn't matter if you have fallen off the wagon, it can take 2, 4 or 10 times to finally stop smoking! As long as you keep trying the success will matter, not the number of attempts.


She also mentioned having clearer skin, this is because smoke from cigarettes actually makes skin looser and fills your body with the 4000+ chemicals, which also affects the skin. Cigarette smoke deprives skin of the oxygen it needs to renew itself properly, that is why smokers normally look older than their years.


Because e-cigarettes don't have those 4000+ chemicals it doesn't have the same effect on the skin (or the rest of your body) as a cigarette. That's one of the reasons why Public Health England says that e-cigarettes are at least "95% less harmful than cigarettes".


If you were like Jane and came so close to quitting before falling off the wagon, give it another go with SMOKO! Try one of our starter kits today and see if you too can finally get off the cigarettes.


We have changed the name of the customer and one or two details to protect the privacy of everyone involved.



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