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SMOKO E Cigarette Success Story - Vanessa

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In our shop in Tunbridge Wells we have plenty of people who have had their life changed by making the switch to SMOKO E-Cigarettes. Today we tell the story of one of them.


Vanessa was one of the first people that I served in the shop, so she has followed me on my journey and I always enjoy our weekly chats when she comes in. As time has gone on I have got to learn a lot about her life and she fills me in on her upcoming hospital appointments and procedures.


Vanessa said she had started smoking at about the age of 14 - from a young age we are taught never to ask a women their age but from shared snippets of information I can guess that she is in her early 60’s now.


She used to smoke 25-30 cigarettes a day, which over the years lead to all sorts of health-related problems. About 10 years ago after feeling short of breath and generally finding it hard to breathe the GP sent her to the hospital for tests, and it was then they found out Vanessa was suffering from COPD.


Added on top of this she suffered with a lack of blood flow from her arteries, which gave Vanessa problems and resulted in having to have surgery. After surgery came lots of pain and difficulty walking.


It wasn’t until a bout of pneumonia that led to her staying in intensive care though that she decided to make the switch to a SMOKO E-Cigarette starter kit.


Vanesa has been with SMOKO for 7 years now and uses a mix of E Cigarette and our Vape. She likes the look of the E cigarette while out and about in town as it is small and discreet, while preferring the hit of the Vape E-Cigarette while at home.


Although she is still having check ins with the hospital, she hasn’t had to have any further surgeries. Even better, when it comes to having lung function tests although the damage to the lungs cannot be reversed her condition hasn’t got any worse.


Vanessa often says that if she hadn’t chosen to make the switch to e-cigarettes she is pretty sure that she would have lost her leg by now, and wouldn’t be able to walk around without pain or feeling breathless. It's always nice to hear how well she is doing now, and the fact that SMOKO was able to change her life for the better.


She is very grateful that she made the choice after the health problems she occurred and simply put it down to a life or death choice.


If this sound familiar to you, or if you have been smoking for years like Vanessa then it is never too late to get away from the cigarettes! Give SMOKO E-Cigarettes a try today and finally be free of the smoking habit. For just the price of a pack of cigarettes you can get a starter kit with 60 cigarettes worth of nicotine in, and hopefully never have to pick up a cigarette again.


To have a look at our E-Cigarette starter kits just click here -


We have changed the name of the customer and one or two details to protect the privacy of everyone involved.

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