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What your vape says about you...

You take it to work, to your friend's place or to the pub for that well-deserved after-work drink. And just like any item you keep about your person, the type of e-cigarette you carry says a lot about your style and usage.

These days there are many styles and functions available at prices to suit all pockets. So what does your choice of vaping device say about you?

The spontaneous, secret vaper

Observe any huddle of smokers outside the office and you may be forgiven for missing the secret vaper! But look closely and you may spot one of the 'smokers' gripping a cig-a-like vape stick. They give the former smoker, or interested newbie, an authentic look, feel and experience that is similar to that of a traditional cigarette. They are small enough to slip away in your trouser pocket, or back in the branded box, just like the old days. Many new vapers opt for this familiarity when switching over from the smokes. They are simple to use and typically come with a disposable cartridge, that is pre-filled, and screws into a rechargeable battery.

The flavour chaser

The entry-level cig-a-like vapes are handy, but they're a limited choice for those who enjoy a wider range of bold flavours. Which is why most vapers move on to a classic vape pen style device. With more battery power and a bigger e-liquid juice tank that can hold a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths. If you are carrying a vape pen it shows you are serious about your hobby and know a thing or two about vaping. The vape pen pack a bigger punch than the tobacco mimicking contender; typically you press a button on the device during the inhale - creating a thicker vapour cloud to be savoured and enjoyed.

Sub ohm vape pro

We have all been in the room when someone whips out an eye-catching, multi-speed box mod before letting rip with a thick cloud of vape. To the uninitiated, these pro devices can be puzzling, highly customisable with multiple tanks that give control over wattage or voltage output, for a longer-lasting battery. These sturdy devices give control of vapour and flavour, for the seasoned vaper, who enjoys their e-liquids and blowing a thicker cloud.

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