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Realistic summer fitness goals

Spring is fast approaching, and a lot of us have summer on our mind. It’s a time when people typically spend longer enjoying the great outdoors and getting their bodies in good shape. If you’re thinking about getting into fitness this summer, here are some realistic fitness goals for summer to try and achieve!


Run a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or marathon

The length you choose will depend on how many kilometres you can run at present, but it’s a great idea to try and level up your running this summer. If you don’t run at all, being able to do a 5km is a fantastic goal. If you’re stuck at 5k, try to aim for 10k, and the same for a half-marathon and marathon. There are some useful programmes that can help you get into running. Couch to 5k or couch to 10k is one of them!


Eat healthily 80% of the time

A healthy lifestyle should focus on eating nourishing food most of the time - but not restricting yourself. Eating food that will keep your body healthy and happy - such as fruit, vegetables, lean protein and complex carbs - is very important, but if you restrict yourself completely, you will likely give up quickly. Write up a healthy diet plan, and pledge to stick to it 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time, you can enjoy any food that you want. You may find, over time, you lean more towards healthy foods anyway.


Swap smoking for e-cigarettes

Smoking is a very common roadblock when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. Many people find it really difficult to quit; if this is you, try swapping to e-cigarettes instead. E-cigarettes are much healthier, and you’ll start noticing the difference right away. Plus, it’s much easier to swap to e-cigarettes than going completely cold turkey. With fitness, it’s important to try and not do everything all at once. That’s why these realistic summer fitness goals can be really impactful; they will help you make some small but actionable changes, and you’ll come out of the summer a much healthier person.

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