How E Cigarettes Can Save You Money

We all know the health concerns related to smoking, but for many smokers that is a background concern, a fact that everyone knows but ignore.


The other major damage smoking does though is directly to your bank account and that can be harder to ignore. For some then making the switch to electronic cigarettes is because they want to save money, however it is not always clear how much can be saved by switching. That is why we decided to take a look into it and tell you exactly what you could be saving each month…


The price of tobacco is constantly changing but this will give you a rough idea on the total cost. At the moment a pack of 20 cigarettes costs between £10. If you are a 20 a day smoker, you can expect to spend around £70 a week on cigarettes. That can add up to £280 a month or £3,420 each year. That’s a lot of your hard-earned money going up in smoke - literally.


This is without any of the associated costs of smoking. Extra dry cleaning for your clothes, extra perfume or cologne to cover the smell, mouthwash, redecorating to get rid of the yellow stains on walls and carpets, and the list goes on… The costs of being a smoker really do mount up.


In comparison electronic cigarettes are so much cheaper. Take the SMOKO e-cigarette kit for example.  You can currently get a SMOKO Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for just £9.99 – with free shipping on top!  The e-cig starter kit contains 2 refills – which has the same amount of nicotine as 35 to 40 cigarettes (depending on how deep you puff on it), a rechargeable battery (no need for lighters anymore!) and a handy USB Charger.


Ongoing, refills come in a pack of 5 (so that is 175 - 200 cigarettes of nicotine) and the most you would pay is £9.99/pack.  There are also some great bulk discounts available, if you pick up 10 packs, the price can get as low as £8.18/pack! And with 10 boxes you get an accessory free! It even saves you money on the shipping, if you spend £40 or more then the shipping is free.


So from spending up to £10 a day on a pack of Marlboro’s, switching to SMOKO could be as little as £1.50 to £2.00 per day.  That adds up to some massive savings – up to £225/month or £2,700  of money going right back into your pocket per year!


When you add up the potential savings over the next 5, 10 and 20 years, you will be saving an absolute fortune.  If the price of cigarettes was to stay at today’s level, you could be saving £27,000 in 10 years and a whooping £54,000 over a 20 year period.


But the price of cigarettes is not going to stay the same.  A recent proposal by the Independent Cancer Taskforce suggest an increase to £15/pack by 2020 in the UK.  So those savings would jump to £4,745/year, £47,450 over 10 years and a staggering £94,900 over 20 years…


So don’t you think it’s time you try switching to e-cigarettes?


 Ready to save a fortune?  Get a SMOKO Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit today!

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