How e-cigarettes can save you money

Thinking about making the move to e-cigarettes? Well, you aren’t the only one. More and more people are choosing to buy e-cigarettes rather than their normal packets of rolling tobacco. As well as the well-documented health benefits of e-cigarettes, did you know that it is likely to save you money too?

Over half the current number of people who use e-cigarettes were ex-smokers, and this number is increasing all the time. Both the health benefits and the financial savings are the most common reasons why people switch – our experts are here today to discuss the financial side.


Low set-up costs

There are many different brands available, all with different styles and functions, but try to avoid overspending. It can be easy to think mid-range vapourisers are what you should start with, as there are so many being advertised. But these starter kits can cost up to £50, which is a lot of money to start! And that is just for the actual hardware, if you want a couple of bottles of E-liquid to go with that vapouriser you will need to pay extra.


But buying an e-cigarette doesn’t have to be expensive, not e-cig starter kits don't have to break the bank.


At SMOKO, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best value product based on their needs and at a price that doesn't need a loan from the bank. Even better is that everything you need to start with SMOKO are in our starter kits, so you don't need to buy anything extra to give e-cigarettes a try.


Vape refills are cheap

Vape refills, or the liquid which contains the nicotine, are cheap to buy, certainly cheaper than packets of cigarettes. Though with the price of a pack of cigarettes constantly going up, that isn't hard these days. On average a pack of cigarettes in the UK is over £10, with premium brands going all the way to £15!

Just one box of e-cigarette refills contains 5 refills in, and in total holds about 150 cigarettes worth of nicotine. Roughly then each refill is the equivalent of 30 cigarettes worth of nicotine (depending on how you use it).


At their most expensive a box of e-cigarette refills costs £9.99, so each refill costs only £2, and holds more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes. If you compare the 1 refill to a pack of cigarettes you can save £8, and if you smoke a pack a day that will quickly add up!


Over a month, just by switching to E-cigarettes, you can save £240 and over a year you can save almost £3,000!


And remember all this is based on the the most expensive price of a pack of e-cigarette refills. We also offer automatic multi-buy discounts, for example if you buy 10 boxes the price per box drops to £9. We also offer weekly deals, so you can stock up and save even more money.


No more cleaning or replacing fees!

A side of smoking that most of us ignore when we are lighting up is all the extra costs of smoking. One of the most common ones is the price of all the extra cleaning and replacing your items.

Cigarette smoke gets everywhere, and the smell of state smoke clings to everything. To get rid of that is a job in itself, either with special sprays or wipes and even then it never quite works. With clothes it is even worse, at best you probably need to wash them twice to try and get the smell out, at worse you will need to get them dry cleaned.

Your furniture will need to be replaced more often if you smoke indoors, as there is only a certain amount that sprays and deep cleaning can do to get the smell of stale smoke out. Even if you only smoke outdoors if you stand near the door that horrible smell of smoke will seep into the house and curtains. 

Another cost that is rarely mentioned is what cigarettes are doing to your car. Now-a-days with the rise of awareness about 2nd hand smoke not that many of us smoke inside that often, but a lot of us still happily puff away in the car. Never mind that smoking in an extremely small space is terrible for you, it will also lower the price of your car. On average a smoker's car will be worth £2000 less than a non-smokers!


No worries about cigarette butt fines!

People often drop their cigarette butts in the street. While this is not ideal, most smokers have done it once in a while. However, there are many city officials who will issue an on the spot fine for littering if you have done this, which can be incredibly expensive. E-cigarettes just go back into your pocket when you are done, removing this problem forever. Not only are you saving a bit more money because of E-cigarettes, you are helping the environment too!

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