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3 Reasons an E-cigarette subscription is for you

Running out of refills and batteries can be a major inconvenience. When it’s mid-week, you’re working Monday to Friday, and you’re busy visiting friends and family at the weekend, it can be a real hassle. If you’re looking to save time and money, then signing up to a subscription service for your E-cigarettes and vape products might be for you. Here are three reasons you should consider it.


Save some cash

Buying stock online and in bulk is a fantastic way to save some cash. Plus, as the products are delivered right to your door, you’ll have no petrol or parking costs. With SMOKO, you can get up to 17 per cent off when you buy four packets and up to 25 per cent off when you buy ten.


Try something new

Have you always fancied to try out a flavour but not wanted to buy it in bulk? A subscription service is a perfect place to try out new flavours and combinations as you’re able to order individual packs of refills at a time. If you discover that blackcurrant is your new jam, you can add more of the same to your next order.

At SMOKO you’ll have plenty to choose from, with a wide range available of both vape and E-cigarette products. Explore new options week on week and give your tastebuds something new.


Stock up on refills

With a subscription service, you never have to worry about running out of your favourite flavours. Stock up on your refills and batteries so you can vape wherever you go. You can mix and match flavours and strengths for every occasion and arrange delivery dates that work for you.

Sign up today

With SMOKO’s E-cigarette subscription service, you can get your favourite refits and accessories delivered to your door like clockwork. As the UK’s premium E-cigarette company, this convenient subscription service puts you in control, allowing you to choose the number of items and frequency of delivery. For more information about our E-cigarette deals and subscription services, head to our website today or call a member of our expert team.

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