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3 Of The Best SMOKO E-Liquids To Try Out

With the introduction of E-Cigarettes a few years back it is becoming more and more popular for smokers in their 30s and 40s around the UK to make the switch from smoking cigarettes to enjoying e-cigs. 


The advantages are obvious, not only are e-cigs 95% less harmful than cigarettes but by making the switch they will also save a huge amount of money due to the ever increasing price of cigarettes. 


But it's not just the money or the health reasons smokers are making the switch to e-cigarettes and staying off the cigarettes. With the introduction of e-cigarettes a whole new way of taking in nicotine was invented, one which wasn't tied to tobacco.


Though the original tobacco flavour is one of our most popular flavours, SMOKO has a huge range of outstanding flavours e-liquids can come in. Here at SMOKO, we are proud to offer a wide choice to help people quit smoking and enjoy e-cigarettes instead. And for those who like to buy local, SMOKO has always been proud to have all our liquids made in the UK. That way our customers that all our products have been tested to the highest levels.


But if want to try something a bit different, which are a few of our favourites you should try out?



Anyone who used to smoke and enjoyed a real Cuban cigar will remember how good it tasted. With the 'Havana' e-liquid from SMOKO, you can enjoy this taste sensation once more - in a much cheaper, healthier way!


This e-liquid has a rich, deep flavour and will take you right into the heart of Havana itself. There is also subtle hints of cinnamon here to perfectly balance out the flavour profile. With a smooth finish, you will not want to put this e-liquid down.


We suggest this flavour to those who love the taste of tobacco, and want the richest, fullest tobacco taste possible. 


Strawberry Mint

When Summer arrives and the sun starts to shine, you might want an e-liquid that reflects this. Our UK-made 'Strawberry Mint' liquid is the ideal solution!


Perfect for enjoying while relaxing outside or at a BBQ, the fruity taste is a real winner. Along with delicious Strawberry, you also get a refreshing Mint flavour to enjoy which is all expertly blended together.



If you fancy trying out something a little more unusual, why not try this Absinthe liquid for the best e-cig experience?


If you have ever tried the famous drink, you will know what to expect! But for those who haven't had the absinthe experience it is an aniseed flavour, so if you like liquorice you will love this flavour.


You will be pleased to see that this liquid captures its complex flavour to great effect. To make it even tastier, there are hints of liquorice as well. With a smooth, long-lasting flavour, this is worth trying out.


Try UK-made SMOKO e-liquids today

If you are looking for the best electronic cigarette flavours to try out, let SMOKO help. The above are just a small sample of the entire range we have to offer. Head onto our website today to find those listed above to buy and others to check out. All offer amazing taste and great value to make switching over to e-cigs simple.

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