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What Happens When You Stop Smoking and Start Vaping

Smoking has an incredible impact on the human body. Anyone who is regularly smoking will be inhaling huge amounts of toxins that will cause them trouble at some stage in their life. You don’t even have to be a regular smoker to experience conditions and illnesses related to tobacco. Even having one cigarette a day can be bad for your health.

This is why so many people are switching to e-cigarettes and vapes. These products are getting many people off tobacco for good and have even been endorsed by Public Health England.

Recovering From Smoking

When you decide to pick up those e-cigs and drop the regular cigarettes your health may immediately start to improve. Here’s the steps that will happen within minutes of you swapping.

Twenty minutes after that last cigarette has been smoked the body is already starting the process of recovery. Toxic effects such as pulse and blood pressure elevation which are caused by smoking will begin to go back to normal levels. The smoker may find it easier to breathe as the bronchial tubes are free of harmful smoke.

Eight hours after that last smoke and switching to vapes all carbon monoxide will have been removed from the blood.

Three days later breathing will have significantly improved. This is from the lack of smoke, causing the bronchial tubes to relax. Lungs are able to fill up with more air and you may even feel like you have more energy too.

One week after you finally made the switch and stubbed out those cigarettes you will have made a huge step towards protecting your overall health. There will be a significant increase in energy levels and you may start to enjoy eating and drinking more. This is due to the senses of smell and taste being dulled by smoke but improving once you quit.

One whole month you’re more than likely feeling the best you’ve done in a long time. Using e-cigarettes means you are still getting that nicotine hit without the health impacts of tobacco. Say goodbye to getting out of breath doing gentle exercise and embrace a new, healthier you without tobacco in your life.

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