Menthol cigarette ban May 2020: What should you know?

While  we all know about the the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes, there are still some people across the UK who are stubbornly still smoking . But if menthol cigarettes are your vice, time is almost up on your habit.


This is because after May 2020 the UK Government will be imposing a ban on menthol cigarettes, making them impossible to buy.


For more information on what it is for, how it could affect you and how an alternative like vape refills could help, read on.


Why is the ban on menthol cigarettes happening?

The law, which was created in 2016, is aiming to cut all flavours from cigarettes. Flavours such as vanilla or clove cigarettes have already been outlawed, and now it's menthol's turn.


By getting rid of all flavours in cigarettes the UK government is hoping to stop young people from smoking. The Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) charity in the UK have stated that a ban on menthol cigarettes may stop young people from starting at all.


After all, tobacco is an acquired taste, and anything that makes it easier or tastier to start smoking can help younger people get hooked.


What products exactly does the ban cover?

The main products hit by this ban are menthol cigarettes and skinny cigarettes. Alongside this, no-one in the UK will be allowed to sell rolling tobacco or other kinds of cigarettes with enhanced flavourings.


It will also stop cigarette and rolling tobacco manufacturers from selling products which allow users to customise the flavour themselves.


Does the ban impact vaping?

The simple answer is no!


This upcoming ban only covers menthol cigarettes, flavoured rolling tobacco or other cigarettes with characteristic flavours. This means that vapers can carry on enjoying menthol flavoured e-cigarettes as they currently do.


This means that using an e-cigarette is a great alternative for menthol cigarette smokers or those who use menthol rolling tobacco. Rather than having to forget about smoking menthol flavoured products, you can carry on enjoying them via vaping.


Keep on enjoying a menthol hit with Smoko

But enjoying the fresh Menthol flavour isn't the only benefit of vaping. With e-cigs you not only get the nicotine you need but e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than cigarettes!


E-cigarettes are also up to 80% cheaper than cigarettes, with 1 refill (which is equivalent to 30 cigarettes worth of nicotine) only costing at most £2. 


So if you have been dreading May 2020, let SMOKO help. Try our e-cigarette and see if you can make the switch to a cheaper, less harmful alternative while keeping that great menthol taste.

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