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How to resist the urge to smoke

If you've made up your mind to quit the cigs, you'll no doubt know about all of the amazing health, financial, and social benefits that you'll reap. However, quitting smoking is easier said than done. Here are some tips on how to deal with those awkward situations when the temptation to smoke hits - and what to do about them.

Have an e-cigarette on hand

Don't expect that you'll be able to go completely cold turkey. You'll miss the habit of smoking, which is why you should switch to e-cigarettes. These are much healthier than standard cigarettes and are also kinder to your pocket. They trick your body into thinking it is smoking, as it is the same movement. E-cigarettes are possibly the best tool that you can have while quitting smoking.

Don't go into smoking areas

If you're missing cigarettes, the very worst place that you can hang around is smoking areas of pubs or bars. These areas are big triggers and are dangerous for anyone looking to give up cigarettes. If you're in a smoking area, your brain will automatically associate it with smoking and your cravings will be harder to resist. Even if all of your group are going into the smoking area, refuse and say that you'll look after their bags instead.

Never have 'just the one'

'Just the one' cigarette often leads to many more - people call it a slippery slope for a reason! It's much easier to say no altogether to cigarettes than try to limit yourself to a certain number (even if that number is one).

But don't give yourself a hard time if you slip up

Everyone slips up sometimes, whether that be on an eating plan, trying to exercise more, or indeed, quitting smoking. If you do have a couple of cigs after a night at the pub, just get yourself back on track the next day.

As time goes by, you'll find that you crave cigarettes less and less. Eventually, when your brain adjusts and the addiction leaves you, you will most likely be shocked that you ever smoked! It can be difficult to avoid the triggers when you first start, but if you hold in there and get back on track if you ever relent, you will succeed.

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