With the New Year upon us there are millions of people making New Year resolutions, and just as quickly breaking them (sometimes just the next day).


Unsurprisingly each year the same resolutions are made, eating better, exercising more, saving money and of course quitting smoking.


Today we are having a look at the top 3 resolutions, and see if an e-cigarette starter kit can help keep you on track.


#1 Eating/ Living Healthy

We all indulge during Christmas; whether it is on the turkey at dinner or all the chocolate and mince pies that seem to suddenly appear when December arrives. So when January rolls around we all jump on the scales and make the decision to be healthier. We dig out that gym membership we swore we would use more and buy only the healthiest of food. For the first week or two anyway.


The most important thing to remember when getting healthy is that it is a marathon, not a sprint. Getting healthy takes time and going on a diet and running on the treadmill for a week isn't going to give you the results you want. The critical thing is to be consistent, if you are going to the gym make sure that for the first few weeks that you go every time, even if you do end up just walking on treadmill. That is much better than nothing!


If you are still smoking though be aware that going to the gym might not be as effective. Smokers on average don’t gain as much muscle or build their endurance as non-smokers who do the same amount of exercise. Strangely though nicotine itself is meant to help with losing weight (it's just the rest of the ingredients in cigarettes that don't help).


The last item though is to remember not to do everything at once, as the BBC recently reported a lady tried to diet, go to the gym and detox in the same week, sending her to the hospital. Of course this is hugely unlikely but don't let trying to be healthy make you ill!


#2 Save Money

We all know that January is hard on the bank account. So it's no surprise that saving money is one of the most popular New Years’ resolutions. And there are always things we can cut from our day to day lives to save some cash. Some of the most common ways are: stop ordering fast food, stop buying branded items and cooking for yourself. Basically cutting most of the fun things in life. But by far one the most common suggestions is to give up smoking.


This makes sense of course; after all with the average price of a pack of cigarettes at £9.50 and set to rise. Just by cutting them out of your life would save thousands every year. For example a smoker who goes through a pack a day and switches to e-cigarettes will save over £2800 a year!


#3 Quit Smoking

This is one that everyone at SMOKO has struggled with.  Every year we would declare that this cigarette was the last one we would ever have.  We would appreciate it like never before and feel like a champion... for a day. Then a friend would offer us one or we would find some cigarettes in the back of the cupboard and fall back into our old ways.


There is plenty of advice to help those who want to go cold turkey, and for those who can do that, well done! But for many of us who still need something to fill that smoking void, and e-cigarettes might be the answer.


Scientists have proven that by using e-cigarettes you have a much greater chance of stopping then if you used patches or gum.  E-cigarettes can help with the physical addiction by providing the nicotine your body needs. They just don't include the 4000 chemicals in cigarettes that make them so toxic. E-cigarettes can also help with the psychological aspect as well.  They are great for when you need to puff on something and using a pen just doesn't cut it.


If you're a smoker and have made one (or all) of these resolutions give our e cigarette starter kit a try! Hopefully this year will be the one that that it all works.


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