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7 Celebrities You Didn't Know Vaped

We often see celebrities getting bad press for smoking, but there are many who use vapes and e-cigs too. Check out our list of some well-known figures who vape and you may be surprised!

1. Tom Hardy

The Venom actor has been seen vaping for many years. He's not afraid to vape during interviews and has often been photographed with his e-cigs in hand.

2. Lady Gaga

The Queen of Pop has been a prolific smoker in the past, even in her Netflix documentary, Five Foot Two. But recently, the Born This Way singer has made the switch to e-cigarettes and has never looked back.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

The Titanic star has been a vaping enthusiast since the industry boomed. He has been a passionate advocate for e-cigs for a long time and was once so attached to his vape pen that he wouldn't let Miley Cyrus take a puff on it at a party. Since going public with his vaping nearly a decade ago, the actor has rarely been seen without it and appears to have successfully stopped smoking for good.

4. Katy Perry

The Fireworks singer is an avid vaper and has been for several years now. She was even seen sharing a vape with her fiancé Orlando Bloom at the Golden Globes last year.

5. Johnny Depp

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has been vaping for over a decade now and was one of the first mainstream actors to do so. Allegedly, this began when his character used an e-cigarette in the 2010 film, The Tourist.

6. Lindsay Lohan

The troubled actress has been a keen tobacco smoker for much of her life, but Hollywood's wild child is now often papped puffing on her e-cig, and it looks like she's not going back to regular cigarettes any time soon.

7. Zac Efron

Despite a few stints in rehab for drug use, Zac has apparently made the healthier choice to start vaping. His character in the comedy film Neighbours was always seen puffing on his e-cig, so this may have inspired the actor to make a change.

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