3 ways to help you quit smoking cigarettes

Many people around the UK are now beginning to think twice about smoking cigarettes. This is especially true for older smokers in their 30s and 40s who have started to worry about the health implications and how much cigarettes cost. If you have started to think about giving cigarettes the elbow, you might feel a little anxious or nervous about it. Luckily, there are are some simple ways you can make it all a bit easier on yourself.


Make a firm commitment and stick to it

Without willpower and the real desire to quit smoking, it is likely you will fail. Older smokers or those who have been smoking for years find this to be particularly true. It is key to make the decision to give up cigarettes because you want too and not because you feel you should. Once you are ready to start, make sure to fully commit to the process and not give up when it gets tough.


Get support from family and friends

One other major aspect which can help a lot when giving up cigarettes is having additional support. If your family and friends can do this, it will really help you to stay on track and complete the whole process. You may, for example, be ready to give in and nip out for a cigarette when in the pub - this is where a friend being around to stop you is key. It is also much easier to give up if you can do it with someone else at the same time. This means you can give each other support and advice as you go.


Consider using e-cigarettes

An e-cig starter kit is a great aid in helping you to give up normal cigarettes. E-cigarettes are better for you than normal ones and are designed specifically to make giving up smoking easier. Not only are they simple to use but they will help you spend less than you would on cigarettes and are easy to carry around. Over time, they will gradually help to wean you off smoking normal cigarettes and prevent any cravings you would otherwise feel.


Let SMOKO e-cigs help you quit

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