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a vaper's guide to travelling with an e-cigarette or vape
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It’s summer, the sun is out, the sky is blue, understandably, you want to be outside! Whether it’s a camping trip, a visit to your favourite theme park, or a hop-skip and jump onto a plane to a foreign destination, I can hear the vapers among you ask: ‘Can I bring my vape?’

Well look no further, because it’s time to get you clued up on the way of these things. Here follows SMOKO’s Vape Travel Guide!


Packing up your vape device - surely that’s only relevant to anyone taking luggage on a boat or a plane (or before too much longer, a space rocket)? Oh, how mistaken you are my friend, and let me share a cautionary tale for just this instance.

It’s summertime in the UK, the year is 2019. A man called Richard is carrying out contract work at Whittington Hospital in North London. A veteran vaper of four years, Richard regularly kept his vape pen in his pocket with his loose change, sometimes his keys. On this particular summer's day, it was the keys in his pocket contacting his vape pen in precisely the wrong place that caused the battery to short circuit, and explode. Lucky for Richard, he was working at a hospital, and so was rushed straight to A&E. He suffered third degree burns to his leg and blistering on the hand he used to try to get the device out of his pocket.

This true story can teach us a lot about respecting your vape kit. Most vape devices use lithium batteries, so rare as the occurrences are, it is possible for devices to malfunction in this way. The better constructed devices may be able to protect against this to some degree, but over time your device is going to sustain wear and tear, and as soon as a lithium-ion battery is compromised it increases the likelihood of a short circuit.

To minimise, or eliminate, the possibility of such an event, take the time to think about how you plan to carry your vaping gear. For normal everyday carrying, your device will survive in a pocket - just make sure you don’t store any metal or other conductive material in the same pocket.


Vape devices with refillable tanks like vape mods and vape pens are a bit less convenient than the cigalike style for travelling. You need to ensure you have any spares that you may need while you're away - this means spare batteries, a spare tank and spare coils.  
If you need to load up a car full of luggage, or catch a plane, then it makes sense to pack away your device properly. For a device with a refillable tank, empty it! This will stop any leaking on gear your vape is packed away with - the changes in air pressure when flying encourage this to happen so it is a must if you’re getting on a plane!

You may find that the packaging your vape was sold in serves as a good case for travelling - it was designed to be transported from the manufacturer to the retailer in that box, so it should be the best case for the vape. If that box has long since been thrown away, then wrap it up in bubble wrap or a piece of cloth, place it in a sealable plastic bag and seal with tape for good measure.


Do you vape using one of the large box mods? It is worth giving your batteries an inspection on a regular basis to check their integrity. A little time spent checking here could save you a lot of pain down the line. So, having checked your batteries, it is time to get them packed away. If you are flying, you will need to have these in your hand luggage as airlines, on the whole, don’t want lithium-ion batteries in the cargo hold. Airlines do allow batteries in your carry on luggage, but it is worth a check with your airline to make sure you know their specific rules as some only allow as little as two!

If your device has removable batteries, it is worth checking your local vape shops for battery cases - these are a great, affordable way of protecting your batteries while in transit. For devices with built-in batteries, like e-cigarettes or vape pens, it may be worth investing in a case if there is one on the market, but taping over the battery’s positive and negative terminals and placing it in a waterproof plastic bag to keep the device dry is the least you should do.

The Civil Aviation Authority suggest that all e-cigarette batteries should be wrapped individually while flying.


E-liquids are pretty straightforward for travel; the bottles themselves have child safety caps on which keeps them well sealed, but sealing around the cap with tape will prevent any leaky mishaps. You will be required to put them in a sealed plastic bag in your hand luggage if you are flying, as is standard with any liquid.

Any bottles larger than 100ml should be packed in your checked baggage, wrapping and sealing to prevent covering your holiday clothes in vape juice!


Chargers are unlikely to cause any trouble on their own, especially if the other components are wrapped well. It is worth remembering you may need an adaptor for a wall charger, so make sure you have checked the type of socket used in the country you’re heading to.


With E-Cigarette and Vape refills we always recommend taking any opened ones off the battery and sealing them in something water-proof. Though rare the changing air pressure can cause the liquid in the pre-filled refills to leak out, not only leaving you with less to puff on, but getting onto your other belonging too!
The good news is that all SMOKO E-Cigarette and Vape refills are individually wrapped, which should stop the air pressure causing any issues, and will guarantee that there is no leaking onto anything else.
The problem then becomes about the level of rules and regulations regarding e-liquids in other countries, so purchasing vape juice abroad should be done with caution.

Protecting your batteries for travel is a must - preventing a short circuit is the main concern here, but protecting the battery should increase its lifespan by preventing damage to the structural integrity. This isn’t the only way to protect your battery: 

Keep it out of the Sun and away from extreme heat and extreme cold!

Keep your vape away from flammable surfaces!

Do not use your vape while charging unless it is specifically designed to do so!

In the case of a device with the battery built in, treat the part that contains the battery with the same care as the batteries themselves: wrap up spares, keep away from metal, and seal in a clear plastic bag.

If you have a refillable tank then like normal there will be an extra step or two compared to pre-filled refills. Emptying your vape tank is a sensible idea whenever you are travelling. Any breakages won’t be made twice as bad by spilling e-liquid everywhere! Certainly when flying, it is required that all liquids are in sealed containers - your vape tank is not a sealed container; you are therefore required to empty it before flying.


For those of us who love our vapes, the thought of turning up at the airport and not being able to vape until we are off the plane and out of the airport on the other side is enough to set off a measure of anxiety, and cravings. Your ability to vape at the airport may vary from place to place, but in most UK airports, such as Gatwick, electronic cigarettes are treated as normal cigarettes, so can only be used in designated smoking areas.

How best to split your vape gear across your luggage? Your device should go in your hand luggage, but your liquids can go in either your hand luggage or checked bags - just make sure they are packed correctly for hand luggage, and any bottles over 100ml need to go in your checked luggage.

As previously mentioned, airlines do not want lithium-ion batteries in the cargo hold, so these should be in your hand luggage, protected as well as possible by being wrapped or in a case. Remember that most airlines will let you take 2 batteries in your hand luggage, but you can always double check with the airline if you feel you might need more.

When you are on the plane, you may be tempted to use your vape: don’t do it. You are not allowed, and doing so could result in a fine, being forcibly removed from the plane, and potentially even having the plane diverted. While it is not a jailable offense in many countries, some destinations could see you arrested and imprisoned upon landing. You aren’t even allowed to charge your e-cigarettes on board, so make sure you are charged before boarding.
At the end of the day, if you plan on travelling with e cigarettes in one form or another, it is worth checking your airline’s policy for your own peace of mind. When you do so, make sure to check the vaping laws in your country of destination.


You may be aware that not all countries see eye to eye on the utility, safety and regulating of e-cigarettes. This is demonstrated by the different laws regarding vaping in countries across the world.

Many countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia have vaping laws that could see you put in prison - Thailand is one such country where vaping is prohibited, with vapers facing up to 10 years in prison if caught with an e-cigarette. The President of the Philippines issued an executive order to ban vaping in public places in February 2020, but instructed officers to arrest people vaping in public a few months before the executive order. Other countries with vaping bans that could result in jail time include India and Taiwan.

Many other countries have banned vaping, including nicotine free liquids, and these include Argentina, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Mexico, Panama, the Seychelles, Singapore, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Uruguay, Venezuela and Vietnam. Some countries allow nicotine free vaping, and these include Australia, Japan, Norway and South Africa.

This list is by no means comprehensive, and laws on e-cigarettes are updating all the time, so make sure you do your own checks on the country’s vaping laws before booking your holiday! To be super prepared, you could also check out the area local to your visit in the event you need some vaping supplies.

This might help you decide on what extras to take - remember UK regulations on e-liquids mean that UK made e-liquids are likely to be the safest around - but if you know you can get coils or batteries when you are on holiday, it reduces the need to bring them with you!


I hope you have enjoyed this Vape Travel Guide, and learned a thing or two while reading it. Follow these instructions for minimal upset on your holidays - this will help you achieve maximum enjoyment, and that’s what a holiday is all about! 

Keep in mind you will need to do a spot of your own research on your airline and the country’s vaping laws before you book your holiday, and don’t forget to get battery cases for utmost safety while you travel. Most importantly - have a great time!

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