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The Ultimate Vapers Travel Guide

Every year millions of people across the world fly for business or leisure/pleasure. Getting your flight sorted and trudging through airport security and can be hard work, with delays, customs and airports built like mazes. With all the stress of traveling you may be tempted to use your e-cigarettes or vape, but with all the restrictions at airports is it allowed?


We are looking at the biggest questions around e-cigarettes and travelling, and how to overcome them: are e-cigarettes allowed in airports? Can I fly with my electronic cigarette? How much e-liquid can I carry through the airport? Can I get through an airport security checkpoint with a vaporizer in my pocket? Where can I take my e-cigarette?


Are E-cigarettes allowed on an airplane?

In general e-cigarettes are allowed on planes and through the airport, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your precious e-cig at home!


However there are some restrictions on e-cigarettes, namely that all e-cigarettes, e-liquids and vape pens have to be in your hand luggage NOT in your hold luggage. This includes accessories as well, such as batteries, bottles of e-liquids, coils or anything else to do with your e-cigarette.


Airlines do not want extra lithium ion batteries in their luggage hold, so anything that you can charge has to be with you or your hand luggage at all times.


The good news is that all our batteries are contained in equipment so you don’t have to do anything special with them like you would with just a lithium ion battery.


Also, some airlines do have specific rules around e-cigarettes and e-liquids as well, so it is always a good idea to check the airline’s website as well before travelling.


Just make sure that all your e-cigarette refills, batteries and any other accessories in your hand luggage and you should be good to go.


Is vaping allowed at the airport?

This really will depend on the airport that you are flying out or landing in. At the moment most airports don’t allow e-cigarettes to be used inside the airport or terminals and you will have to go outside like the bad old days when you smoked. The rules do change from time to time and some airports have implemented vaping areas before, so it’s always good to check just in case!


Can I go through the Security Checkpoint with my e-cigarette?

E-cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories can get through airport security, but they do have to follow the general rules like any other item.


E-liquids have to be in bottles which are less than 100ml, which as all bottles of e-liquids in the UK and EU have to be a maximum of 10ml should be no issue.


If you have bottles of e-liquid without nicotine which are larger than 100ml you will have to put the e-liquid into smaller bottles. Also if you have a 150ml bottle you cannot empty half of it and still be compliant. Even if there is obviously less than 100ml of e-liquid in a 150ml bottle, airport security will more than likely confiscate it.


The bottles should be clear so airport security can see what is in there and all bottles should be contained in a clear and resealable plastic bag as well, though you can of course bundle all your bottles of shampoo, perfume and e-liquids into the same bag. Each person is only allowed 1 plastic bag so make sure to only take as much e-liquid as you will need for your trip.


With pre-filled refills this isn’t an issue as each refill will only have 1ml of liquid in. Just pop them into your hand luggage and you should be fine. With the Vape (which are prefilled and un-openable) they are in a sealed container they should technically be fine, but as there is liquid in there you might want to put them with the liquids.


With a larger vapes you should take the battery out of the mod and if you want to be extra safe, take as many pieces apart as possible. That way if airport security looks at your vapouriser they can see exactly what it is at a glance.


Make sure that your e-cigarette or vapouriser is charged before you get to the airport. This allows you to have a puff when you land, and airport security might ask you to turn it on as a test and if you can’t they might confiscate it.


If you are still worried about your vaporiser or e-cigarette bring along a self-addressed envelope with you which is large enough for your e-cigarette, so that if your vaporizer is confiscated at a security checkpoint you can mail it home.


Is it possible to use my e-cigarette on a flight?

E-cigarettes are only allowed in your hand luggage when you fly, but they can’t be used on the plane. E-cigarettes also cannot be charged on a flight, so make sure you do so before travelling!


Despite numerous people trying over the years, you are not allowed to vape in the toilet. Most airlines treat it the same as smoking so you could be fined, banned from the airline or even sued!


And if the smoke alarm goes off because of your vaping (which would be VERY rare but in some models of smoke alarm possible) you could be faced with jail time if the plane has to divert.


Lastly as a general rule it’s a good idea to disconnect any refills from the e-cigarette batteries or empty any tanks before taking off due to the changing air pressure. Lifting off, landing and any other dramatic changes in altitude will change the air pressure in the airplane, which can affect refills and tanks. To be safe and to make sure there is no leaking remove your refills or tanks from their power source and you can make sure your e-cigarettes arrive as full as when you took off.


Best tips for flying with an e-cigarette

Our tips to get your e-cigarette, e-liquid and vaporiser can be boiled down to 6 main tips and tricks:


  • Make sure all your e-cigarette batteries, refills, e-liquids and vapouriser are in your hand luggage NOT your main luggage
  • Don’t carry any bottles of e-liquid which can contain more than 100ml of e-liquid
  • If possible, dis-assemble your vapouriser to its components so it is easier for airport security to examine and pass you through
  • Do NOT vape on the plane
  • Before flying make sure any refill is taken off your e-cigarette battery or any e-liquid is poured out of the tank


Unless it specifically says somewhere always assume you cannot use your e-cigarette or vape pens in the terminals


Where you can’t take your e-cigarette

E-Cigarettes are accepted in most places around the world, but there are a few places that they are banned. We collected all the ones we know about for now, but laws do change so some of these may be fine by the time you are travelling!


What we would suggest that you check before you travel, so you aren’t in a nasty surprise.


In general though if you are going to Europe or America it should be fine, but if you are going to the Middle East or South East Asia it might be a good idea to do a bit of research.


First of all we have listed the places to avoid bringing a e-cigarette at all costs:

Thailand - Currently thought of as the worst country to bring an e-cigarette, you could face up to 10 years in prison if they catch you!


India – Each state is slightly different, but they are quite strict in enforcing their ban.


Philippines - A total ban, with anyone caught breaking the law facing up to four months in prison.


Taiwan - The use of e-cigs is regulated by the Taiwanese drug laws and is strictly illegal.


Countries where vaping is currently banned:






Dominican Republic


Hong Kong


















Countries where vaping is banned (except nicotine free)


Malaysia (not countrywide)


South Africa


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