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How To Look After Your E-Cig

Along with your keys, wallet and phone, your e-cig is one of the most important items that you carry around with you 24/7.


And, like anything, if you don't look after your e-cigarette properly you might find yourself with a non-working e-cigarette just when you need it. To prevent it from suffering from wear and tear through frequent use there are a few things you can do to keep your cigarette-style vape in tip-top condition.

Clean your battery terminal

A clean battery is essential to keep your e-cig functioning correctly, as a dirty battery terminal may struggle to connect with the refill. Over time (and especially if it is kept in your pocket or handbag during the day) dirt and grime can build up in the connection terminal and stop your e-cigarette from working. Even if you keep your battery in a case the stray vapour from when your refills can eventually condense in the space between the battery and the refill and cause the same issue.


A good habit to get into is whenever you change a refill or when you are about to charge your battery is to give it a quick clean. That way you can keep on top of it and never have a battery refuse to work.


In order to clean your battery, all you need to do is give the connector a wipe every so often with a cotton bud. To find the connector just unscrew the battery from the refill and look inside the battery. In there you will see a silver disk with a whole in the centre, this is the connector.


But don't be too rough with it! Our e-cigarettes are designed to be sturdy but if you push the connector too far in you can cause the battery not to connect to refills anymore. 


It's also a good idea to clean the end of your refill the same way. If your battery fails to connect with the refill while you're out and about and you urgently need a vape, simply gently drag on the refill and slowly twist the refill until it starts to make a fizzing noise. Make sure you don't twist too tightly however and remember that this is only a temporary solution. When you get home, be sure to give your battery a proper clean.

Store your e-cig correctly

Your refill has a coil at the bottom of it, and this is what turns the E-liquid inside your refill into vapour. If you keep your refills upside down for a long period of time the E-liquid can slowly seep away from the coil, which will make it taste strange when you come to use it. If possible, keep your refills upright with the mouthpiece in the air, or if you are keeping the refills in the box keep the box upright.


When you are storing your refills or batteries don’t put them in a damp place, if left there too long the damp will mix with the refills and water down your refills. This is especially important for refills you have opened, as they will not have the plastic protection new ones have. And of course, batteries and water never mix well together.


Also make sure you aren’t keeping your refills somewhere that is too hot or too cold. If you get the refill too hot the E-liquid will start to evaporate, meaning you will get less vapour when you get around to use it. If your refills get too cold then the E-liquid will not be absorbed by the coil and you will end up puffing on nothing.


Treat your refills like the porridge from the old fairy tale, not too hot, not too cold but just right.

Use your e-cig starter kit as a case

In order to prevent your e-cig from getting lost or damaged, it's a good idea use a case. The good news is that you don’t have to invest in a case, you can make one out of our starter kit!


By just taking the foam out of the silver metal case of our E-cigarette or Vape starter kit you can make a durable and stylish case to keep you batteries, your refills and accessories in.


Not only does this keep your E-cigarettes safe from water, damage and dirt but it also makes your e-cigarette easier to find, as a single e-cigarette can be hard to find in the depths of your pocket or handbag.

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