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Trying to get healthier and quit smoking in 2021? Let e-cigarettes help!

2021 has finally arrived and it is fair to say that we are all hoping for a much better 12 months in-store. In order to help, many people will have made New Year's resolutions to follow. A common one for those who smoke is vowing to give up cigarettes for good. We all know the health risks of smoking now and it has even been reported that giving up cigarettes can help lower COVID-19 risks. However, quitting is sometimes harder than it sounds - especially if you have been smoking for a long time. E-cigarettes are a very handy tool that many people use to make it more bearable. But what are they exactly and why are they so effective?


E-cigs explained

If you have never used an e-cigarette before, you will be wondering what it involves and how it works. In simple terms, this is an electronic version of a traditional cigarette. Although they do not look like a normal cigarette, they are around the same size and shape. They work by heating up liquid in the e-cig itself which is then released as vapour when you inhale. The e-liquids have small amounts of nicotine in, so you can wean yourself off smoking but without any side effects. The big plus they come with though is that they are better for you than normal cigs and can also help you give up smoking in the long term. Public Health England, for example, has reported that e-cigs are around 95% less harmful to use than traditional ones.


What other advantages do e-cigs offer?

Although the health benefits, when compared to traditional cigarettes, is reason enough to switch, electronic cigs come with other advantages too. They are much more stylish and discreet to use than a normal cigarette. Most have sleek designs and look nothing like you would expect. Along with being very portable, this makes them suitable to use in many different situations. There are also lots of different flavours of liquid to use in them, which gives a much more interesting, pleasurable experience. When you also factor in the cost savings when compared to normal cigarettes, it is clear what they offer.


Let e-cigs help make 2021 the year you quit smoking

Now is the ideal time to commit to giving up smoking in the coming year. E-cigarettes are a valuable tool to use in this regard and can help make it much easier. Here at Smoko, we have a wide selection of e-cigs and liquids in to buy. Order online today or use the live chat feature on our website if you need more help.

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