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SMOKO Success Story - Anne

E-cigarettes can seem complicated or strange to anyone who hasn't tried one, and with many false rumours out there some people even believe they are worse! But they can be one of the best ways to finally get away from cigarettes, as was the case for Anna.


Today we look at a review from a customer of ours, Anna, and show that e-cigarettes can help anyone make the switch (and maybe feel better along the way as well).


"I Bought a starter kit for my husband to help him gradually stop smoking normal cigarettes.

He felt in love with SMOKO e cigarettes from the first puff, said that they taste so natural but are not giving you that nasty feeling in your mouth and there is no bad breath!


One of the most important part of any e-cigarette is the E-liquid inside, so we made sure to make it taste as much like a cigarette as possible to make the switch as easy as possible. To that end we made sure that all the E-liquids in our e-cigarette and Vape starter refills are made in the UK. That way we can make sure our E-liquids taste great, but they are made to the highest standards possible.


We also make sure that all our starter kits have only tobacco flavours in them, as ex-smokers ourselves we know that the best way to help smokers get of the cigarettes is to give them something that tastes like a cigarette. Once they are used to E-cigarettes we have a large range of other flavours but we always suggest starting with a tobacco flavour to ease you into vaping.


Also, after a month of using it he noticed that he isn't coughing that much as before and In fact started smoking less and the cigarettes craving reduced!


One of the lesser known facts about cigarettes is that it is not just the nicotine that keeps smokers addicted to cigarettes. Nicotine is of course the major chemical that gets people to smoke, but over the years cigarette companies have added extras like sugar and acid to make cigarettes more addictive. To read more click here.


Another point that Anne made is about the 4000+ chemicals in cigarettes and their effect on the lungs. As those toxins go into your lungs first, they are the first to feel the effects of smoking. Because E-cigarettes don't contain any of the dangerous chemicals that cigarettes there is growing evidence they can help with issues like this.


In fact a small study released recently looked at the effect of e-cigarettes on sufferers of COPD, and found that by making the switch there was improvement to their symptoms. Though this isn't enough to prove things beyond a doubt and much more testing is needed, it does at least hint that e-cigarette may indeed help with some lung issues.


Charging is very easy as well as purchasing the refills. He is very pleased with SMOKO e cigarettes and that make me feel happy as well."


Here at SMOKO we wanted to make E-cigarettes as easy to use as possible, that's why our main systems have no buttons, no coils to change or anything to clean. All you need to do is screw a refill onto the battery and puff away.


Charging a battery is simple as well, just unscrew the refill from the battery, screw the battery onto the USB charger (which comes with the starter kit) and plug that into a USB port on a computer, laptop or anywhere else.


If you are like Anne or her husband and are looking for a simple e-cigarette that tastes and feel like a cigarette then why not give SMOKO a try? 


All our starter kits come in great tobacco flavours and come with everything you need to get going. To have a look just click here -

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