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Running A Half Marathon With E-Cigarettes - A SMOKO Story

Today we are looking at what setting a goal can do for your smoking habit, and how e-cigarettes can help make that goal come true.


Our customer today, Andrew, was able to finally get off smoking and achieve a fitness dream by making the switch to SMOKO e-cigarettes, here is his story.


I started using SMOKO almost a year ago and was able to do things i never thought I would be able to do!

I guess I should start with how I started smoking, at the age of 14 I got my first cigarettes by stealing them from my brothers room. Being young I thought it made me look “cool” and “edgy” rather than a child making a terrible decision. Looking back though I'm pretty sure I was the only one who though that, as sporting a pale shade of green while suppressing a cough is hardly the new sexy.

I remember the day I was “hooked” on cigarettes. Waking up one morning I had a nasty feeling in my stomach, possibly from my fantastically healthy diet of meat and chips I lived on. I convinced myself I was now a proud smoker, not starting on habit it would take 30 years to break.

Skip forward though the last of my school years and a large part of my working life to the age of 46 when I finally quit smoking. It all started with one simple statement “I would quite like to do tough mudder one day”. I had always wanted to be the fit friend who could run a few miles without breaking a sweat, and I decided this would be the time I started.


For those that don’t know, tough mudder is a half marathon with obstacles designed to test you physically and mentally. It also involves an awful lot of mud. I signed up for the next tough mudder in a couple months time and was all set, the only problem now was that I got winded looking at a large flight of stairs, let alone a half marathon.

Two days later I had a friend help me out, and we started on a 10k fitness program. At the start I couldn't run 1 kilometre without nearing passing out, at this point my friend would stop and drop to the floor doing press-ups while I regained my breath.

After a week of this failure and humiliation I knew what I had to do, I had to stop smoking or kill my friend, the latter being easier but less socially acceptable.


I decided on the former. I had tried quitting before but never got further than the first week before those little death sticks found their way back into my mouth!


I wasn't deterred though and made a grand announcement that I was going cold turkey. This lasted a whole 3 days before my girlfriend, who couldn’t stand my company anymore, demanded I try something else. This was probably for the best as the call of cigarettes was already getting to me, and I was starting to stare longingly at cigarette butts on the street.


I had a look around for something that could help me quit and found myself at the SMOKO shop where I got me my first E-Cigarette starter kit.


After trying it for a day I knew I was going to be able to finally stop smoking, as I loved my new little e-cigarette. It had the same taste as my roll ups and even better it was cheaper too. It also had that great throat hit which I loved and was able to keep the craving from coming back.


It’s now nearly a year later and I can confidently say I am that annoying friend who can run a few miles like it's no big deal. I not only completed the Tough Mudder, I have even signed myself up to a full marathon next year.


Without the cigarettes I feel so much better in myself, I have more disposable money and as a nice bonus I don’t smell like a neglected ashtray anymore.

I owe it all to SMOKO and their fantastic electronic cigarettes.


P.S try the Cherry flavour it’s now my favourite.


If you are looking to make a change, and smoking is holding you back like it was Andrew, then why not give SMOKO a try?


By switching to the 95% less harmful alternative you not only get away from the cigarettes for good but save a bit of money at the same time!


To give SMOKO a try today just click here for a free starter kit

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