Smoking's Effect on You and the Country

We all know that it is terrible for your lungs, heart and your whole body in general, but do you know what it's doing to the country?


Smoking is not only a danger to you but it puts a huge strain on hospitals, with one estimate saying that people smoking costs up to £8 billion a year. And that number is set to rise as the current generation of smokers gets older.


The Health Secretary for Great Britain, Jeremy Hunt, expressed his desire for a "smoke free Britain"  as it would not only save the 100,000 people a year who are affected by smoking related illnesses, but would allow the health service to deal more effectively with the non self-inflicted ailments.


The idea of a smoke free Britain is a great, and recently the NHS has been promoting the idea of prevention rather than just treating the problems as they turn up. One of the main thrusts of their campaign unsurprisingly targeted smoking.


How Is The NHS Impacted By Smoking?


Recently a hospital in Devon has decided that in the case of smokers they will have to quit smoking 8 weeks before any routine surgery. They of course are not stopping smokers receiving lifesaving surgeries but even so, for many smokers this is a troublesome development.


Simply put there are some smokers out there who simply cannot stop for 8 weeks, they need their nicotine too much.


Now this is just one hospital who have since stated that these are only short term rules, but it doesn't take a visionary to see how attractive this would be to many hospitals, considering how much harder it is to treat a smoker.


being a smoker causes issues in surgery, especially to the anaesthesiologists as he has to look after your heart and lungs during surgery. It also causes issues with blood flow which can again cause complications for the surgeons. It also effects the rate at which you heal, slowing down the time it takes you recover from the surgery.


It is easy then to see why hospitals want people to stop smoking before surgery, and why in the case of the hospital in Devon they want to refuse smokers from surgeries when smokers own decisions make the doctors job that much harder.


It does make a compelling argument for the introduction of e-cigarettes into hospitals and doctor's surgeries, as even the most devout smoker can make the switch, and save themselves and the health service a huge amount of time, money and grief.


The idea of the e-cig helping to replace cigarettes isn't just a good idea in general, no tar, no carcinogenics e.t.c. It could well be a huge boon to the health service that currently has to support the smokers.


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