You can’t just quit cigarettes anytime you want. It’s a process that takes time, effort and motivation to reach your goal of quitting forever- but the good news is it gets easier with every day! Cigalike Vapes are fantastic devices for those who want to kick the habit and switch to a healthier alternative. Read on to learn more about the best Cigalike Vapes in 2022.



You may have been smoking for a number of years now and starting to think it might be a good time to quit. Maybe you have tried cold turkey or a nicotine replacement therapy in the past but find yourself still forking out over £12 for a pack of tobacco cigarettes.

The longer we smoke, the more we will feel the negative impacts on our health and our wallet. So the appeal of a real cigarette might be losing its shine and your doctor or loved ones have pushed you to look for an alternative.

With the rise in the popularity of electronic cigarettes over the

years, the idea of switching from smoking to vaping might be a great option for you. Perhaps you like the look and the feel of a tobacco cigarette and really enjoy the tobacco flavour. You are used to the traditional cigarette and switching brands and the way you consume nicotine doesn’t have to be hard.

In this Vapers’ Guide to the Best Cigalike Vapes in 2022, we will explain the different types of vape pens, and vape kits, talk about choosing between tobacco or menthol flavours and why a cigalike might be a great option for someone looking to quit smoking and to try vaping for the first time.

If you have started your research on the various styles of vapes and e-cigarettes that are available,   A Cigalike is the most realistic looking style of e-cigarettes.  They are roughly the same size and weight of a normal cigarette (only slightly heavier compared to the larger box mods you might see people using).

A cigalike is designed to be small and discreet, easy to use while still delivering great vapour production.  You want your cigalike to look and taste the same, whether you use tobacco or menthol flavoured cigarettes.  You want it to take like a real cigarette.

Cigalikes starter kits generally come with a rechargeable battery, pre-filled cartridges and a USB Charger.  They fit in your hand and in your pocket and at a quick glance can look like the real thing!


With a wide range of e-cigarettes and vapes that are available, the question of why you should choose a cigalike when you are looking to quit smoking comes down to a number of factors.

EASE OF USE - cigalikes are designed to be the easiest vape kit you can use.  With only 3 parts - the rechargeable battery, the pre-filled cartridge and the USB charger - they are pretty much fool proof.

REALISTIC SMOKING SENSATION - cigalikes are designed to look as similar to a real cigarette as possible, with may having the same markings on the various parts.  They produce the most similar smoking experience of all e-cigarettes and vapes by using a higher PG (Propylene Glycol) e-liquid to deliver a satisfying throat hit compared with a traditional cigarette.

LEAK-FREE AND HASSLE FREE - many larger vape kits and box mods have a lot of interchangeable parts and require quite a bit of ongoing upkeep to keep them performing well.  They also require you to refill the e-liquid or vape juice yourself.  So with a lot of parts that can malfunction and having to fill the liquid yourself, the larger vapes can have issues with leaking and come with a number of hassles.  

A cigalike on the other hand rarely if ever leaks and is so easy to use, it takes away all of the hassle of other types of vaping.

So if you are looking for a great device that delivers a truly satisfying vaping experience that is super easy to use, trying a cigalike to help you quit smoking would be a great option for the first time vaper.

There are essentially 2 different types of cigalike vapes - a disposable cigalike or a rechargeable cigalike with pre-filled pods.  Disposable cigalikes are one time use and while they may be a convenient option to try for the first time or if you forgot your other vape at home, disposables are comparably more expensive and quite wasteful as the batteries are only used once.

A rechargeable cigalike that uses pre-filled refills tends to have a longer battery life, allows you to recharge the battery using a USB Charger and will offer you a wide range of flavours and nicotine strength refills to choose from.  Since the menthol cigarette band in 2020, many smokers have switched to menthol flavoured cigalikes to help them quit cigarettes.

Cigalikes and Vape pens work in the similar manner.  They both have batteries, they vapourize a nicotine flavoured e-liquid into a smoke-like vapour and can help you to quit smoking.  Cigalikes look more like cigarettes whereas vape pens come in many sizes, shapes and colours.  For many ex-smokers who don’t want to make a statement with their vape, the familiarity and simplicity of a cigalike is usually preferred.

Using a cigalike is incredibly easy.  Most cigalike kits will have a rechargeable battery, a USB Charger and a few pre-filled refills.  If the battery comes fully charged, it is simply a matter of attaching a refill to the end of the battery and drawing on it like a normal cigarette.  The battery automatically will activate the heating element (known as a coil or atomizer) which quickly vapourizes the e-liquid into a realistic smoke-like vapour which you inhale.  We would recommend taking 5 to 7 slow and long puffs on your cigalike to get the same nicotine as a traditional cigarette.  

Eventually your rechargeable cigalike battery will need to be recharged.  The end of the battery will flash a number of times indicating that it will need to be re-charged.  With the SMOKO Cigalike, the end will flash blue 3 times.  Simply unscrew the refill, attach the battery to the USB Charger and plug it into a USB port on a laptop or with a USB UK mains adaptor.  When the cigalike is charging, the end of the battery will slowly flash blue on and off to indicate that it is charging.  

The SMOKO e-cigarette fully recharges within 2 hours.  When completely recharged, unscrew the battery from the USB charger, attach a fresh cartridge and you can start enjoying your cigalike again.


Generally speaking, most cigalikes are not refillable. There are some models out there like V2 cigs or OKVape that have some refillable cartridge options, but the most reliable and best performing cigalikes use a pre-filled cartridge to ensure you are getting the most realistic smoking sensation every time.

As cigalikes are closed systems with a low power battery and have very few parts which could fail, cigalikes are incredibly safe.  However, the quality of cigalikes can vary substantially due to the type of e-liquids they use.  Many of the cigalikes that you can buy from grocery stores or petrol stations usually use e-liquids that are made using Chinese-made ingredients.  As the health and safety standards in China are not as stringent as they are in the UK, the quality of the flavour may not lead to the best vaping experience.  

At SMOKO, we ensure that we only use the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade flavours and ingredients that are Made in the UK.  So they deliver an authentic and satisfying smoke-like vapour that has helped thousands of people around the world to successfully quit smoking cigarettes. 

From a medical point of view, the leading health and government groups in the UK all agree that vaping is much safer than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.  A recent article from Public Health England states that “e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes”.



In this Beginners Guide to the best cigalike vapes, we have explained what a cigalike is and how they work, the different types of e-cigarettes and what makes the best cigalike. So if you are an adult smoking looking for the most realistic, satisfying and high quality vape, here are some of the great cigalike starter kit bundles for you to choose from.


If you’re looking to switch to vaping, then you’ll need an e-cigarette starter kit. But with so many different kits on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Check out our range of Cigalike starter kit deals below: