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V-Style Vapourizer Starter Kit + 4 E-Liquids

Quick Overview

For those of you who have a preference for the pipe style rather than the electronic cigarette style vaping technology the V-Style is here for you.
With this fantastic Deal our V-Style Vapourizer and 4 E-Liquids are just £43
That’s one E-Liquid completely free! 

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Original - Bold (2.0%) - V-Style Starter Kit + 4 E-Liquids
Virginia Rolling - Bold (2.0%) - V-Style Starter Kit + 4 E-Liquids
Mint Breeze - Bold (2.0%) - V-Style Starter Kit + 4 E-Liquids
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V-Style Vapourizer Starter Kit

Introducing the SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarette V-Style - the latest and greatest Vapourizer!

The V-Style Starter Kit comes with
- 1 x Rechargeable battery
- 1 x Tank with coil
- 1 x USB Charger
- 1 x SMOKO designer metal case

Tips for Use
- treat it like an iPhone or your mother's best china - with great care and respect
- replace the coil on a frequent basis for best vaping results - we suggest every 3 weeks depending on usage
- use only SMOKO Premium E-Liquids that are Made In The UK - cheap and imported e-liquids are not made with the same care, high quality ingredients or rigorous testing our liquids are.
- do not put in your pocket and sit on it - seems obvious but you'd be surprised!
- do not put through the washing machine, do not drop from heights, do not run over it with a motor vehicle or use a lever to lift large boulders or other objects, etc. etc.
- do not lend it to a mate - you won't get it back!

The Stats
Estimated Usage per charge = approx. 330 puffs
Estimated time to recharge = 2 hours - do not overcharge the battery or it will diminish the charging capacity
Battery Power - 320 mah
Out put:3.05-3.5V
Liquid capacity:1.1ml

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