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What are Electronic Cigarettes and Why SMOKO

Here at SMOKO, we believe that Electronic Cigarettes are one of the most incredible consumer products to be introduced in the last few decades. And here are some of the reasons why:

1) HEALTH - Unlike normal cigarettes, SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes don't have any of the 4,000 harsh chemicals or 50 known carcinogens. There is No Tar (because that's to make roads), No Carbon Monoxide (save that for the car exhaust), No Arsenic (shouldn't that be used for killing rats?), No Formaldehyde (preservation of dead bodies in a morgue), NO Ammonia (cleaning your toilets) and thousands of other things.

SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes have 4 pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are found in many of the things we love - Propylene Glycol (used in Cake mixes, salad dressings, soft drinks, popcorn, food, ice cream and sour cream), Vegetable Glycerine (used in candy and chewing gum), Food Flavouring (used in everything we eat) and Nicotine (the only reason why you smoke).

2) WEALTH - smoking is expensive. No, smoking is VERY expensive. And it's not a habit that is getting cheaper. SMOKO is up to 80% cheaper than traditional cigarettes which will save you an absolute fortune. Someone who smokes 1 pack a day can save over £2500 every year!!!  Have a try on our Savings Calculator above!

3) SELF-CONFIDENCE - Smoking stinks - your breath, your clothes, your hair, your entire LIFE!! Smoking makes your teeth and fingers yellow. Smoking unfortunately doesn't make us better physically. It doesn't turn us into supermodels!  Switching to SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes gets rid of the nasty smell, the yellow teeth, the linger smell on your clothes. You will smell better. You will look healthier. Most importantly - the way you feel about yourself will dramatically improve - just ask any our our thousands and thousands of satisfied customers.


We believe we are the BEST OF THE BEST! Most electronic cigarettes being sold today use ingredients that are made in China. We are not like other e-cigs. We make all of our flavours and liquids with ingredients that are sourced from within the EU and then they are manufactured and tested in the UK to surpass all UK regulations. This is a massive undertaking but to provide our customers with the best products available today, we would not do it any other way! So at SMOKO we are proud to say Our Flavours and E-Liquids are MADE IN THE UK = yah Baby!!

Since we started over 2 years ago, we have help over 50,000 people make the switch to a healthier alternative, prevented over 80,000,000 cigarettes being consumed and saved our customers £MILLIONS!!

So if you are looking to switch to e-cigs or are unhappy with your brand you are using now - then look no further - SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes!

Our e cigarette flavours are Made in the UK

All of our flavours are made in the UK to the highest pharmaceutical standards,  this gives our Electronic cigarettes a superior flavour

All of our new flavours are made from ingredients sourced from within the EU and then made here in the UK.

Get started with the Standard Starter Pack

 Electronic Cigarette starter pack from SMOKO

Holds up to 2 flavour cartridges - equivalent to 80 traditional cigarettes. Great way to get started with e-cigs. Better for your body!

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Better for your Body

Normal traditional cigarettes contain over 4,000 added chemicals - SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes contain only 4 ingredients that are all pharmaceutical & consumption grade.