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Welcome to SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes

Take advantage of this fantastic offer, try SMOKO for just £8.99 RRP: £25.
The SMOKO starter kit comes with everything you need to quit smoking, click here to buy the product or keep reading to find all the great benefits of SMOKO and quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes.

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SMOKO looks, feels and tastes like the real thing!  In fact, the thousands of customers currently using SMOKO tell us it's better than the real thing!  With a huge range of flavours and nicotine levels, there is definitely a SMOKO for you!



Unlike cigarettes that leave a lingering smell all over our clothes,hair and breath, SMOKO is almost completely odourless!  So you won't have to feel self-conscious any more.  

Improve Your Self-Confidence - SMOKO Premium E-Cigarette



What you are smoking now can contain up to 4,000 chemicals and 50 things we know that cause cancer.  SMOKO on the other hand contains only 4 ingredients - all of which are Made In The UK! 

SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes Health Comparison



You could be spending up to £3,000 every year on normal cigarettes.  That is a lot of money going up in smoke (pun intended).  By switching to SMOKO, you can reduce this cost by up to 80%!  That is an amazing saving and is a life-changing amount of money for most of us.  For example, someone who smokes 20 cigarettes a day and who pays £8/pack would be saving up to £2500 every year!  

How much could you save?

How much do you spend per pack?
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 Try SMOKO Now 


Over the last decade, more and more places have banned smoking - which is generally a good thing.  But it makes it hard for us smokers to enjoy a bit of respite from our busy schedule and enjoy our favourite pastime.  With SMOKO, there is no tobacco so it is legally allowed to be used almost everywhere!  At work, down at the local, in your favourite restaurant and in most public places.  This is great news for people like yourself as you can enjoy your SMOKO everywhere.

Where to Use SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes



Here at SMOKO, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products that are available on the market.  Unlike the majority of e-cigarette brands who use e-liquids and ingredients that are made in China, at SMOKO we ensure that all of our flavours, nicotine and ingredients are all pharmaceutical-grade, sourced from responsible suppliers, are tested to surpass all existing UK standards and most importantly are MADE IN THE UK.  For us, cutting corners and saving costs are NOT an option when delivering the best possible product to our customers.  With SMOKO, you are getting the Highest Quality Product and best Customer Service we can provide.  And our thousands of satisfied customers will attest to this - just check out our testimonials.

SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes - E-Liquids Made in the UK



The normal price of a SMOKO Starter Kit is £25. For a limited time try SMOKO for just £8.99 and enjoy a better healthier life.

SMOKO Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Amazing smoking sensation, huge health benefits, massive cost savings and dramatic improvement on your self-confidence and lifestyle - what more could you want!  

So what are you waiting for? Get yours below today!

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SMOKO E-Cigarette Starter Kit with Designer Metal Case

Quick Overview

Time to switch from smoking cigarettes with our Starter Kit.

Our Starter Kit is designed to help you to stop smoking cigarettes and start living a smoke free life with SMOKO.  The Starter Kit has everything you need to make the switch including 80 cigarettes worth of nicotine, a rechargeable battery, our stylish designer metal case and a handy USB charger!

Our usual Price = £24.99 - so you SAVE a MASSIVE 68% off the usual price.

And why not add a pack of refills for £10 (RRP: £12.50) - that's another 200 cigarettes worth of nicotine!

SMOKO in the UK's Premium E-Cigarette and is your best choice.  Here is why,

FACT - most brands of e-cigarettes use Chinese-made ingredients!  SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes are different to other e-cigs as all of our ingredients are pharmaceutical-grade, are all Made in the UK and tested to surpass all current UK Standards.  So you know you are getting the absolute best product with the highest quality ingredients.

If you are looking to stop smoking cigarettes and try a healthier alternative, see how SMOKO helped Mary

"After smoking 16+ cigarettes a day for 10 years I gave up in October 2014 and haven't looked back. I was desperate to give up so I tried SMOKO I was so impressed the best one I ever tried you saved my life SMOKO!" 

Available while stocks last

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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit with Designer Metal Case £8.99

Regular Price: £24.99

Special Price: £8.99

Add Original Tobacco Flavour 2.0% Refills (200 Cigs Of Nicotine)

Regular Price: £12.50

Special Price: £10.00

Add Virginia Rolling Tobacco 2.0% Flavour Refills (200 Cigs Of Nicotine)

Regular Price: £12.50

Special Price: £10.00

Add Mint Breeze Flavour 2.0% Refills (200 Cigs Of Nicotine)

Regular Price: £12.50

Special Price: £10.00

Add a extra Battery

Regular Price: £8.00

Special Price: £5.00

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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit with Designer Metal Case

SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes are different to other e-cigs as all of our ingredients are pharmaceutical-grade, are all Made in the UK and tested to surpass all current UK Standards – unlike most brands who use Chinese-made ingredients.   

Amazing taste and incredible smoking sensation with the same nicotine hit you crave but none of the nasties you get with a normal cigarette - none of the 4000 harmful chemicals or the 50 known carcinogens, no tar, no smell on your breath or clothes and best of all - because it's vapour, it is legal to use in most public places.....down at the pub, hanging out at the bar, working hard in the office, shaking it in the club, watching the game, sitting on a train, waiting to catch a plane... you get the picture.

The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit with Designer Metal Case includes:
1 x SMOKO Battery
2 x Original Tobacco flavour refills (Regular strength)
1 x USB charger
1 x Designer Metal Case with brushed metal finish
Free UK Shipping

This is the easiest way to switch to a smoke-free life!  So what’s holding you back – get started today!

Electronic cigarettes are over 80% cheaper than regular cigarettes.  A pack of 20 cigarettes is about £8.50. A single SMOKO refill contains roughly 40 cigarettes worth of nicotine, each pack comes with 5 cartridges for 12.50.  That’s 200 cigarettes worth of nicotine for just £12.50 rather than £85!

For more information on how much you could save using electronic cigarettes look at our savings calculator on our home page.

Our electronic cigarettes contain only four pharmaceutical-grade ingredients: Propylene Glycol (used in cake mixes and soft drinks), Vegetable Glycerine (used in candy and chewing gum), Food Flavouring (used in almost everything we eat!) and Nicotine – the only reason why we smoke.

This makes electronic cigarettes much healthier alternative than regular cigarettes.
“The lack of tobacco in E Cigarettes means they are almost certainly much safer way of getting a nicotine hit than smoking cigarettes.” 
- cancerresearchuk.org

All of our flavours are produced in the UK to pharmaceutical grade giving them an authentic and superior taste.  And we know there is no “horsemeat in our hamburgers!”          

Why not look at our Testimonials and see for yourself why our customers are so passionate about SMOKO.

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