Like everything we do at SMOKO, we work with the best suppliers and the highest quality ingredients to give our customers the best experience possible. The CBD we use is organically grown and extracted from the Cannabis Sativa L plant to deliver a well-rounded broad spectrum CBD (cannabidiol).

Broad Spectrum CBD means we use the whole plant apart from the THC which delivers an "entourage" effect. This means that you will benefit from a range of the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids all of which can have a range of benefits to your health and well-being.

So whether you want to use our CBD Oils and Oral Drops, CBD Gummies, CBD Vaping Pods or CBD E-Liquids, you will get all of possible benefits with SMOKO CBD.




SMOKO has been helping people improve their lives for almost a decade by helping them switch from smoking traditional cigarettes and moving to less harmful alternatives like e-cigarettes and vapes. So it felt like a great fit to introduce a new CBD product range to help even more people live life to the full.

Like our E-Cigarettes, Vapes and E-Liquids that use the highest quality flavours and ingredients, we have taken the same approach with our CBD range to ensure our customers get the best quality products at the most reasonable price, while being supported by our fast and reliable UK Customer Service.

Here at SMOKO, we are committed to providing the #1 CBD Products available on the market. Our range of CBD Oils and Oral Drops, CBD Gummies, CBD Vaping Pods and CBD E-Liquids are made with a broad-spectrum CBD extracted from organically grown cannabis sativa L from the USA and then proudly Made in The UK.


With almost 10 years of improving customers' lives in 25 countries around the world, our new SMOKO CBD range will continue to help better people's lives with our high quality CBD products, reliable delivery and our caring customer service. Want to know what our customers say about SMOKO - read some of our reviews from our satisfied customers!



Working with local farmers in Central Oregon in the USA who have been caring for the land for generations. Our farming partners use sustainable practices like crop rotation and cover crops to ensure the long term health of the soil. These steps lead to nutrient-rich soil that is essential for producing the high quality organic CBD we use in all of our products. Happy farmers, healthy soil and quality produce leads to the highest customer satisfaction.

SMOKO CBD is made with the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD


Like everything we do, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality products to help improve their quality of life. All of our CBD is sourced from organically-grown cannabis sativa L plants in the USA where we extract the most beneficial cannabinoids from hemp using a proprietary cryogenic extraction process to give us a well-rounded broad spectrum CBD.

made in uk


All of our CBD products are made in the UK to ensure we maintain the highest standards of our manufacturing and quality that you will appreciate when you try SMOKO CBD for yourself. With stringent quality controls in place from seed to shelf, the broad spectrum CBD extracts we use in our CBD Oils and Oral Drops, CBD Fruit Gummies, CBD Vaping Pods and CBD E-Liquids is a great addition to a healthy diet and active lifestyle.



When you are looking for a reliable CBD brand, you want an established company with a proven track record for great customer service, reasonable prices and fast delivery. SMOKO has been helping to keep our satisfied customers smoke-free for almost a decade and with hundreds of 5 star Google reviews about our great Customer Service, you can be assured you have found the best CBD brand in the UK to support your journey!

organically grown cannabis from the USA is used to product high quality CBD extracts free from THC ORGANICALLY-GROWN A



Our SMOKO CBD Oils and Oral Drops are made with organically-grown, sustainably and responsibly farmed cannabis sativa L plants on family farms in Central Oregon. We then use a unique cryogenic extraction process to create our cannabinoid rich broad spectrum CBD oil that is then mixed with the finest ingredients and Made in the UK.

With a wide range of CBD strengths and amazing flavours, there is a SMOKO CBD Oil and Oral Drop to fit your needs.


Our high quality CBD Gummies are made right here in the UK, using the best quality broad spectrum CBD extracts from organically grown cannabis sativa plants.

A convenient way to add CBD to your diet. Each of our CBD Gummies contain 25mg of CBD.

SMOKO CBD Gummies are GLUTEN FREE, FAT FREE and VEGAN FRIENDLY! Approved by the FSA as a novel food.


SMOKO VAPE POD refills use the highest quality flavours and ingredients in e-liquids that are Made in the UK


Our SMOKO CBD Oils and Oral Drops are made with organically-grown, sustainably and responsibly farmed cannabis sativa L plants on family farms in Central Oregon. We then use a unique cryogenic extraction process to create our cannabinoid rich broad spectrum CBD oil that is then mixed with the finest ingredients and Made in the UK.

With a wide range of CBD strengths and amazing flavours, there is a SMOKO CBD Oil and Oral Drop to fit your needs.


There is a growing awareness of a seemingly wonderous natural remedy called CBD. It seems to be everywhere at the moment. And it's not surprising considering our reliance on pharmaceuticals to make us feel better and improve our lives. The following section will answer many of the most asked questions about CBD and how to use it.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound that is found in the cannabis sativa L plant.  Also know as Cannabidiol, CBD and hundreds of other compounds are found in the resin produce in the cannabis flower.  Other beneficial compounds that can be found in cannabis plant include terpenes, fatty and amino acids many of which are found in broad and full spectrum CBD products like CBD Oils and Oral Drops.  So with SMOKO, you know you are getting premium CBD UK products everytime.

There are 2 main type of hemp plants that are commercially grown.  One is the Cannabis Sativa L plant which has a high concentration of CBD and other similar compounds but has been selected to have minimal levels of THC.  During the extraction process, we are able to remove all of the trace amounts of THC to produce what is known as a broad spectrum CBD. 

The other type of hemp plant that is more renowned for psychoactive properties is the Cannabis Indica strain which has been bred to have high levels of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).  

At SMOKO CBD, we use a Cannabis Sativa L strain and remove any THC before our products are made - so we are 100% THC free!

Essentially the Hemp and the Marijuana plants are from the same family know as Cannabis.  However, some cannabis plants have more CBD than others and vice versa, some have more THC concentrations.

The Cannabis Indica has a higher concentration of THC and is illegal for sale in the UK.  

The Cannabis Sativa has a much higher concentration of CBD and other legal cannabidiols that have been found to have healthy benefits.

100%.  As we use the Cannabis Sativa L strain and use an cryogenic extraction process to remove any trace elements of THC, our broad spectrum CBD products are certified and 3rd party tested to be THC-free.

Our bodies actually produce our own cannabinoids naturally.  In fact there is an entire system in our bodies that is called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which consists of a massive network of receptors and neurotransmitters connecting our organs, muscles, nerves and brain.  Adding CBD and other cannabinoids as part of a healthy diet interacts and "feeds" our Endocannabinoid system with the extra fuel to efficiently operate.  

There is lots of research and studies that have been done that demonstrates some of the positive effects that CBD has on our physical bodies and mental states - many of these benefits can be read about in our article that outlines the Health and Wellbeing Benefits of CBD.

There are number of ways to introduce CBD into your diet and the best way will vary from person to person and how you prefer to consume vitamins and other food supplements.  The use of CBD Oral Drops and Oils is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD as it is simply taken by placing a few drops under your tongue.  For those with a bit of a sweet tooth, eating a CBD Gummy is another great way to add CBD to your body.  Other people may wish to take smaller amounts of CBD more frequently throughout the day and vaping a CBD e-liquid is a great way to do that.

If you are looking for the best CBD cigarettes UK or other CBD smoking products, we will be releasing a range of CBD cigs UK in the near future.  But CBD smoking UK may not give you the best CBD experience and you should try CBD Oral Drops instead.

A lot of our customers like to have a mix of CBD products on a daily basis - using a combination of CBD Drops and Gummies or Vaping CBD E-Liquid and Drops, it all comes down to personal preference.

No matter which way you choose to add CBD into your life, using SMOKO CBD will be a great choice!

Everyone is different.  And everyone will take CBD Oil in a manner that suits them best.  

Many of our customers find that taking CBD Oils and Oral Drops first thing in the morning before eating is a great way to start your day.   This gets the CBD into your system and working away.  They then top up around midday and again before they go to sleep to have a full and restful night's sleep.

There will be a bit of trial and error to find the combination that works best for you and your body.  As long as you stay within the recommended daily amount that is outlined on each bottle of SMOKO CBD Oils and Oral Drops, you will eventually find the mix that works best for you.

For some people who don't like the taste or consistency of the CBD Oils and Oral Drops, eating a CBD Gummy might be a great alternative to introduce CBD into your life.  Our CBD Fruit Gummies are made with the same high quality broad spectrum CBD extract and are tasty and familiar way to ingest a food supplement.  The fruit flavours mask the "earthy" or "hempy" flavour of the CBD extract and make it convenient and enjoyable - just like eating your favourite sweet.

Many people who prefer to use CBD Gummies will have 1 gummy 3 times a day - in the morning, around midday and at night.  Each of our broad spectrum CBD Gummies contain approximately 25mg of CBD.

At the moment, there is no clinical recommendations on how much CBD an individual should take on a daily basis.  As CBD is a food supplement, we can make some recommendations but it does depend on a number of factors.  Some of these factors include how old you are, are you female or male, what is your weight, why you are taking CBD, what are your ailments, etc. etc.. 

We would definitely suggest starting on a lower strength CBD product and taking it in small doses and work you way up until you find the right combination of CBD product / CBD Strength / Amount of CBD / # of Times A Day. 

It shouldn't take long to find what works best for you to achieve the desired results.



Broad spectrum CBD Oils and Drops and other products may have various health benefits according to the latest research by leading medical groups. Whether it is helping anxiety, providing relief to inflammatory diseases like arthritis or fibromyalgia, relieving aches and pains or helping you sleep better, you can find loads of research that supports the use of CBD as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. As we are not doctors here at SMOKO, we cannot claim our products will have these benefits for everyone, we have compiled a lot of this research in an article about the Health and Well Being Benefits of CBD.

Speaking from personal experience, many of our customers have suggested that using SMOKO CBD has been a godsend to many of these ailments mentioned above. So if you are unsure if the benefits of CBD will help your health and well-being, read some of the customer reviews and research and decide for yourself.