Looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of CBD? Look no further than smoko CBD oral drops and gummies! These easy-to-use products are made from high-quality CBD extract, making them ideal for those looking to experience the many health and wellness benefits of this natural compound. Whether you prefer the convenience of drops or the chewable goodness of gummies, smoko has you covered. Our CBD oil production process includes the full cannabis plant and a unique cryogenic extraction which removes all traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) while maintaining a wide variety of the beneficial cannabinoids, good fatty acids and terpenes as possible. These natural compounds create an "entourage" effect - each working together to provide even greater benefits for the mind and body. So if you are looking for a high quality CBD Gummy or CBD Edibles, SMOKO CBD Gummies will be the perfect fit!
  • SMOKO broad-spectrum CBD Gummies are gluten free, vegan friendly and made from organically grown cannabis plants


    At SMOKO CBD, we use high quality broad spectrum CBD extract from organically grown hemp plant called Cannabis Sativa L strain.  Our plants are grown on sustainable and responsibly managed farms in central Oregon in the USA.

    Our CBD oil production process includes the full cannabis plant and a unique cryogenic extraction which removes all traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) while maintaining a wide variety of the beneficial cannabinoids, good fatty acids and terpenes as possible.  These natural compounds create an "entourage" effect - each working together to provide even greater benefits for the mind and body.

    Our high quality CBD Gummies use the finest ingredients - Broad Spectrum CBD extract, Glucose syrup, Sugar, invert sugar syrup, acid; citric acid, gelling agent; pectin; humectant; Sorbitol; fruit juice concentrate; apple (1%); acid regulator; trisodium citrate, natural flavours, elderflower Lemon, orange, raspberry, sour cherry; colours; black carrot concentrate, turmeric, paprika extract, Spirulina concentrate.





    CBD Gummies are a great way to add CBD to your daily routine. If you are new to the world of CBD, these frequently asked questions and answers should give you a great insight into the potential health and wellbeing benefits of broad-spectrum CBD Gummies.

    Throughout our bodies is a complex network called the Endocannabinoid system (ECS).  This is a network of neurons and receptors that connect our vital organs, muscles, nervous system, brain and other systems together. - just like a super efficient communication highway.  Our bodies can produce cannabinoids naturally which "feed" the Endocannabinoid System to make it work.  However, the modern diet and way of life may result in a disrupted ECS or lack of naturally produced cannabinoids. 

    Many people choose to supplement their bodies by ingesting CBD similar to adding extra vitamins to their diets.

    The CBD and cannabidiol CBD you get from SMOKO CBD Gummies and other CBD products can add the extra cannabinoids to your body and help your ECS to work more effectively.

    Like a normal gummy bear, CBD gummies are made in a similar manner with one major improvement - the addition of high quality CBD extract.  Our gummies are made with a broad spectrum CBD extract produced from organically grown cannabis sativa L plants sourced from sustainable farms in the USA.  We then make our to the highest food safety standards in the UK, so you know you are getting the best CBD Gummies in the UK!

    Getting the right daily dose from CBD Gummies will depend on a number of factors.  As our CBD Gummies are a maximum potency of 25mg per gummy, we would suggest you follow a bit of trial and error until you find the right amount for you.  Start by taking 1 CBD Gummy first thing in the morning every day.  Over the next few days, keep track of how you are feeling.  You many want to add a 2nd daily dose at midday and see how that effects you.  If you are still looking for additional health benefits, you may want to add a 3rd daily dose in the evening.

    We do recommend that you do not exceed more than 3 x CBD gummies a day - the equivalent of 75mg of CBD.  In some more severe cases, many people find additional health benefits by including the use of CBD Oils and Oral Drops into their regime along with the CBD Gummies.

    We always suggest you seek medical advice before starting to take any food supplement and to stop taking it if you begin to feel unwell. 

    As with any food supplement, vitamin or even foods, everything in moderation.  We follow all the food safety and regulatory requirements in the production of our CBD extracts and CBD products to ensure the highest quality of products for our customers.  CBD is a naturally occurring compound that is found in the hemp plant which has been used for over 2500 as a herbal medicine by various civilizations around the world.

    So as long as you take CBD Gummies in a responsible way, manage your consumption and if you begin to feel unwell, reduce your daily dose or stop completely, CBD is definitely safe for human consumption.  In fact, doctors in the UK are now able to prescribe cannabis-based products for medicinal use to patients !

    At present, it is 100% legal to buy and sell CBD products that do not contain more than 0.3 THC content.  At SMOKO CBD, the hemp plant we use - cannabis sativa L strain - has a naturally low amount of THC.  Any residual THC is then removed by our unique cryogenic extraction process to ensure our CBD products are THC free but still benefit from a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and beneficial fatty acids found in the cannabis plant!

    There is no evidence that shows that CBD Isolate, pure CBD or other types of CBD have any addictive properties.  Once you start using SMOKO CBD Gummies, you may feel some great health benefits that give you some relief form you ailments.  These benefits you may experience will hopefully make you want to continue to enjoy CBD as an additional food supplement as part of a health and balanced diet.

    We are not suggesting that CBD is a magic pill that will cure all of your ailments.  We are not doctors nor a big pharmaceutical company that has millions to put towards isolate research to push a drug through FDA approval.  However, we know there are tons of studies, research papers, clinical trials and patient testimonials and reviews that all support the wide ranging benefits that CBD can bring.  Many of our customers who suffer from various health issues like inflammatory diseases like arthritis , multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia , who suffer from anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping and other health problems will attest to the incredible impact CBD has had to their lives - both in mind and body.

    We have compiled a great article that explores many of the health and wellbeing benefits of CBD found from leading medical, psychological and physiological specialists which you may find helpful in understanding the health benefits of CBD other people just like you have experienced.

    The number of uses for CBD Oils and CBD Gummies continues to grow with every new study!  We are sharing information form medical research and testimonials from normal people who have experienced positive benefits from using CBD and are not doctors or make any health claims about our CBD products.

    There is a great article in that explores 7 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil, CBD Gummies and other form of CBD products are now used by people to treat a range of medical conditions ranging from chronic pain, sciatic nerve pain, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia due to the anti-inflammatory properties.  

    Other conditions that people are using CBD for include  anxiety , depression, problems focusing, low energy levels, relieving symptoms and side effects related to cancer treatment, reducing blood pressure and even helping to reduce acne!

    With so many people now finding relief from the use of may forms of CBD, perhaps GP and other doctors will start to look at recommending its use to their patients before defaulting to a cocktail of pharmaceuticals they normally prescribe!

    We mentioned the Endocannabinoid System that exists in our bodies.  It is a network of neurons and receptors that communicate and connect our organs, muscles, nervous system and brain together.  Our bodies do produce a limited range cannabinoids naturally, but many people believe that adding additional CBD and other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant help to supplement and support the Endocannabinoid system and improves its function.  

    Taking 1 CBD Gummy between 1 to 3 times a day can add additional CBD, terpenes, good fatty acids and other cannabinoids which may help to improve the function of the ECS!

    Many people ask what the difference is between CBD Gummies and CBD Capsules.  They both contain CBD and if they are made with a broad spectrum CBD extract, they can contain a plethora of additional cannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acids that may benefit the ECS.  The biggest difference is the way you consume a CBD gummy compared to a capsule.  With a CBD capsule, you swallow it like a normal pill.  When it hits your stomach, the outer shell will dissolve and the CBD will release into your stomach and eventually intestines where it can be absorbed into your blood stream.  This can take some time - up to 30 minutes for some people.

    When you chew a CBD Gummy, the CBD can be released and absorbed in your mouth and sublingually (under your tongue) which goes directly into your blood stream!  So you should start to feel the positive effects of the CBD Gummie faster compared to a CBD Capsule.

    We would recommend that you chew your CBD gummies for at least 30 times or suck it like a hard candy and hold it in your mouth for as long as you can.  This will allow the maximum absorption.

    Psychoactive relates to the properties of a substance which can alter the state of mind.  Most people assume that all cannabis plants are considered marijuana and will get you high.  However, there are 2 main types of cannabis plants that contain CBD and THC.  Cannabis Indica has a higher level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and is grown for its psychoactive properties.

    The Cannabis Sativa plant has a higher concentration of CBD and a very low level of THC.  With our broad spectrum CBD oil we use in our SMOKO CBD products like CBD Gummies, any trace amounts of THC are removed during the cryogenic extraction process. So SMOKO CBD is 100% THC FREE and has no psychoactive properties!

    We would always recommend you speak with your travel agent and airline to understand if you are allow to take any CBD products with you to your destination.  Many countries in Europe and North America may have more relaxed laws when it comes to medicinal marijuana and CBD, but that does not automatically mean you can take CBD Gummies into the country.  So always double check before you travel with any CBD products.

    With any product that you consume, you should look at how it is sourced, the level of additional processing, the quality of ingredients, a reputable brand name and great customer support.

    SMOKO CBD Gummies are made from a broad spectrum CBD oil that is extracted from organically grown cannabis sativa plants grown by sustainable and responsible farmers in central Oregon in the USA.  They are then made in the UK to the highest food production standards and existing regulations. 

    As a company, SMOKO E-Cigarettes have helped 1'000s of people in 25 countries around the world to kick the cigarette habit and successfully live smoke-free.  With great customer service our satisfied customers rave about (check out some of our customer reviews )!


      All of our CBD Gummies are certified Vegan Friendly and suitable for vegan diets.  Even if you are a hardcore carnivore, you can still enjoy the benefits of SMOKO CBD Gummies.

      We use the finest ingredients to ensure all of our CBD product range is GLUTEN FREE and suitable for non-gluten diets.  Our great tasting CBD Gummies are 100% free from gluten.

      Our farming partners practice sustainable and responsible framing techniques like crop rotation and cover crops to ensure preserve and regenerate the soil where they organically grow our beautiful Cannabis Sativa L plants with love and passion.

      SMOKO CBD Gummies are made from the finest ingredients sourced from responsible partners and are then Made in the UK into the amazing product you would expect from a leading brand like SMOKO!  Great flavour and maximum potency CBD Gummies.

      With 100's of 5 star Google and Customer reviews from 25 countries, you can expect the best CBD products in the UK from SMOKO!  SMOKO is a trusted brand and over the last decade, we have been helping to improve our customers lives. 

      We always aim to keep all of our customers 100% happy.  We offer Same Business Day Dispatch on all orders placed before 2pm, a range of Free and Express Delivery options, a Loyalty and Rewards Program and our renowned UK Customer Service.  We are always hear to help!
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