E Cigarette Starter Kit + 4 Packs of Refills + Extra Battery

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E-cig Starter Kit. 4 packs of Original tobacco refills. 1 extra battery


Incredibly easy to use e-cigarette

Realistic smoking sensation

No messy leaking or refilling

Ideal for a smoker using an E-Cigarette for the first time!


We have designed our electronic cigarettes to deliver a satisfying smoke-like sensation that is even better than the real thing. This is our most popular and convenient e-cigarette design.  


Choose from the following 3 flavours for your E-Cigarette Starter Kit:


ORIGINAL - Our most popular tobacco flavour. if you smoke tailor-made cigarettes, this is the flavour for you!  

VIRGINIA ROLLING - Do you roll your own cigarettes? This is one for you.

MINT BREEZE - if you prefer a menthol or minty cigarette then this is the flavour we would recommend.

MENTHOL - Another great option if you smoke a menthol or minty cigarette - comes with Mint Breeze Starter Kit and Pack of Menthol Refills.


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earn points for discounts on electronic cigarette refills


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Your SMOKO Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Deal includes:

Electronic cigarette rechargeable batteries

2 Electronic Cigarette

Rechargeable Batteries

E-Cig flavour refills create smoke-like vapour

2 E-Cigarette

Flavour Refills

USB Charger for SMOKO e-cigarette batteries

USB Charger for

E-Cigarette Battery

4 packs of SMOKO e-cigarette Original tobacco refills

4 Packs of Refills

(Choose Original, Virginia Rolling or Mint Breeze)

The most realistic electronic cigarette from SMOKO

Designed to provide an incredibly realistic smoking sensation and to be easy to use.

Our e-liquids that we use in our e-cigarette refills are all made in the uk

Our e-liquids that we use in all of our e-cigarette and vape refills use the highest quality ingredients and flavours that are Made in the UK.

Enjoy the freedom of SMOKO UK E Cigarettes

Unlike cigarettes, your SMOKO E-Cigarettes can be enjoyed almost everywhere giving you the freedom to do what you love when you want.

amazing 5 star google reviews from our customers

Our customers have saved over £75,000,000 since switching and have stopped over 200,000,000 cigarettes from being smoked!


5 star google reviews for SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes

"Mint Breeze flavour is just awesome. Been using SMOKO for a month now and haven't even wanted a proper cigarette - without doubt the only way I have managed to stop smoking!"

- Claire, Weymouth, UK

"Great vapes, a ton of different flavours and incredibly helpful staff.

Haven't had a cigarette in 3 months and I was smoking every day. Highly recommended!"

- James, Lamberhust, UK

"I have been with SMOKO for 5 years their service is fantastic, their prices are great and I have never had any problems. They have looked after me and I would highly recommend! Just give them a call"

- John, Guildford, UK

"Excellent e cigarette supplier. I have been using SMOKO for several years now and have always found them to be courteous, reliable and competitively priced. Most importantly they supply good quality products. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

- Shirley, Maidstone, UK

"I smoked for 15 years and this by far is the best product to help you give up.

I'm now 4 years Smoke-Free!

Highly recommended!!"

- Tommy, Bishop's Stortford, UK

"Great service, wonderful staff. I smoked for over 40 years and thought I would never be able to give up.

Until I discovered SMOKO.

I recommend SMOKO to anyone who wants to stop smoking.

Reasonable prices and great service"

- Tracey, Chesham, UK

"SMOKO is great! I had my last cigarette just under 3 years ago! Living in Tunbridge Wells it was easy to buy my SMOKO products, but now we’ve move abroad and my orders are delivered free! Thanks!"

- Jacqueline, Rojales, SPAIN

"Have been using these for a year now, and they are brilliant. Gives you the perfect hit that makes it feel like a real cigarette. Original flavour is my favourite, but also like Energy!"

- Josh, London, UK

"Really rate these products. There is nothing on the market quite as good as SMOKO and I've tried a lot but still SMOKO stands out as the best to me. Staff and service great. Would definitely recommend."

- Gemma, Kent, UK

"I honestly wouldn't have been able to kick my heavy smoking habit without SMOKO's help and guidance. Tested and trusted products and great deals on kits. Freedom from cigarettes is a wonderful feeling!

Thank you SMOKO!"

- Amelie, Tunbridge Wells, UK


Easy To Use

E-Cigarette Starter Kit

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E-Cigarette Starter Kit + 1 Pack of Refills + Extra Battery

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E-Cigarette Starter Kit

+ 10 Packs of Refills + Extra Battery + Extra USB Charger

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