The Key to Successful Dating

Dating can be hard, especially if you are a smoker. Gone are the days where cigarettes were the must have accessory, modern celebrities and sex symbols would never be caught with a cigarette in their hands!


Though there are still plenty of smokers out there, non-smokers are increasingly specifying that they will not date smokers. Smokers then, through their habit, have a much smaller pool to choose from (basically other smokers).


And it's not hard to understand why either, smoking causes a whole host of physical changes to you which no-one would consider attractive. Yellow teeth and nails, a perpetual cough, the smell of state smoke and maybe bad breath are all symptoms of smoking.


It's especially bad if you are looking for a lady to share your life with, as 56% of women will not date a smoker. It's not quite so bad if you are looking for a man, as only 46% of men wouldn't date a smoker.


Either way though the numbers are clear, if you smoke you cut your chances in half.


That's why as a smoker who is looking for love, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to give up smoking.


By giving up smoking you will be automatically giving yourself more options as well if you use online dating tools. Most online dating apps offer options to filter out people who list smoking under their likes. And as most couples these days meet online, by becoming a non-smoker you are doubling the amount of people you can meet.


For the slightly sneaky amongst you who are thinking that you can just lie, remember that most signs of smoking are pretty easy to spot. It might not even be obvious to you, but that's because you have stopped noticing the signs. If you are exposed to a smell for long enough, as a smoker is exposed to the smell of stale smoke, you begin to ignore it and even forget it's there.


However to a non-smoker it is the first thing they will notice. That's not to mention the yellow teeth or nails which are much harder to hide. And if smoking has led to tooth loss (which is likely as male smokers lose 2.9 teeth for every 10 years of smoking) that is almost impossible to hide.


Despite its health risks, smoking remains a hobby for many individuals. If you are struggling to find a replacement then why not give E-Cigarettes a try?


Switching to vaping not only means that you have moved to a 95% less harmful alternative but the symptoms of smoking like bad breath and the lingering odour of smoke on your clothes will no longer be something that could put off a potential next date. Explore our e cigarette deals now and start putting your best foot forward in the dating game. 

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